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5 Top Flooring Trends for Home Design

By Airtasker

Updated: November 19th, 2021

The right flooring will set the tone for any space that’s why you should always favour quality and designer options. "5 Top Flooring Trends for Home Design"

The right flooring will set the tone for any space that’s why you should always favour quality and designer options. Carpet Court has the top flooring and home design trends and tips to help you decide which style is best for your space. It’s about general styling with the addition of new colours and textures.

Trend One – Neutral Tones with interesting texture

Neutral tones have been in season for a while now and it is not going anywhere. This style is now mixing with textures for a modern improvement. The texture adds a contemporary feel with timeless patterning. Incorporate this trend into your home with textured carpets and provide further comfort to your space.

Try Carpet Court’s Charming range that has 100% wool additions in GREY SMOKE.

Trend Two – Greys

Grey is that new neutral colour and the perfect base of a room as it is not overpowering. This popular hue should be matched with a trending colour palette with timber accents.
It is an alternative to warmer hardwood stains providing cooler tones to surface floors.

Try recommend Carpet Court’s Stained Oak Timber in Coconut.

Trend Three – Blinds

Enhance your space with contemporary blinds for simply shading. The trend aims to still let light come through to create a welcoming ambiance and results in your room looking larger. Sunscreen Blinds from Carpet Court reduce glare and UV light and this approach is the perfect complement to a bold room. This product also adds another element as fabric of the blind is textured.

Trend Four – Rugs

“Exceptional spaces start with flooring and end with the right rug,” could not think of truer words to explain how important it is to get the right rug for your space. Rugs are the ultimate versatile option for bringing a room to life, effortlessly.
The latest trend in for rugs is the dip dyed rug movement with a two-toned gradient. It is original and enhances colour and interest and can be the statement piece in your space.

This style will work complementary with the grey flooring stated above.

Try recommend Carpet Court’s Hyam in Blue for grey floors.

Trend Five – Large Tiles

Bigger is better – tiles has had an explosion of sizes. The movement towards larger tiles works well for those wanted to make there space feel larger and save time laying them down. Bigger tiles also mean there is less grout to clean. The style looks sharp, when adding them to your home understand that they are heavier and harder to work with so it is worth it to hire a professional.

The large tiles with work well with the Sunscreen Blinds as it will continue the light and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’d like to know how much do polished concrete floors cost, check out our updated concrete floor polishing price guide.



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