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Home Renovation Ideas Under $150

By Airtasker

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

We all know home renovations are rarely cheap, so when the time comes to refreshing your home we’re all guilty "Home Renovation Ideas Under $150"

We all know home renovations are rarely cheap, so when the time comes to refreshing your home we’re all guilty of trying to cut corners, or just putting off the inconvenience of it all for as long as possible.

However, affordable home renovations can be easily done if have a bit of inspiration and not too afraid to put in a little elbow grease yourself.

With these home improvement ideas your home renovation costs can be kept well under budget.

Here’s some inspiration for DIY home renovations for under $150 – what a bargain!

1. The Power of Paint

If your renovation plans are drastic before you start just take a step back and really look at your interiors for a moment. If the only thing wrong with your walls is a few scuffmarks, aging or colour, put a fresh coat of paint on your walls yourself before anything else.


This will drastically alter the lighting, space perception and the general atmosphere of the house and it might be just the cheap cure you’re looking for.

Paint tins retail for around $50 -$100 but make sure you use the brand’s online paint calculators to see how much is needed.

Try colours Wattyl White by Wattyl or Pollinate Quarter by Dulux for a refreshing colour but no matter what colour you choose, ask for a test of the colour so that you can paint some in the desired room and see what it looks like over the course of a day.

If you need a bit of extra help with the painting there are plenty of Airtaskers who can help you, or if you’re going alone make sure you look at these house painting hacks.

2. Divide it Up

Create a half-wall instead of putting in a full one with some cube bookshelves. The great advantage here is that if you want a wide-open space again it can be removed.

ikea room divider shelves
Source: Katie Elizabeth Blog

The flat top serves for somewhere to throw your house keys or a fruit bowl, and the shelves can be used to display and/or store items.

To secure it you can screw the base to the floor and voila, you’ve divided your room. This IKEA KALLAX shelf is only $64.99.

3. Outside Light

If a window looks out onto a brick wall or fence that is a dark colour, not only is the view boring but the window lets in less light, and the room can seem smaller.

However, by painting these walls/fences outside with a bright white colour they can reflect the lighter colour inward and add more natural light inside without installing a skylight.

4. Think about decor

Image 2

Use a statement piece such as a light fixture in your room to create a focus point. IKEA has a beautiful pendant light called the BÓJA for $129.

5. Creative Walls

Source: bmag

Paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint. You might do this in a kids room, a wall outside, or even in the living room. This creates a feature wall that can be personalised, making your space truly unique without breaking the bank.

6. Save space

Using the space under your bed as extra storage is another good idea. You can buy beds with storage inbuilt but in keeping with the $150 budget you could use the same cube bookcases mentioned before. Just give them a coat of paint and place a mattress on top. Now you have a bed frame with lots of storage for books, shoes, winter clothes etc.

Read this article for more cheap home renovation ideas.

7. The Most Important Thing

Don’t try and move power outlets or plumbing.

airtasker plumbing and handyman

This is dangerous to do yourself (unless you are qualified of course) and will cost you a small fortune to hire a professional.Instead, make do with the layout you have, and consider investing in a new modular lounge for the living room or similar to make the best use of the space you have without calling in extra help for a hefty price.

This article was written by Airtasker – Zoe T.

Got any other cheap home renovation tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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