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Airtasker / SkinsationLA Botox Promotion – Terms & Conditions

By Airtasker

Updated: October 19th, 2022

Airtasker is launching in LA to celebrate its open marketplace model that empowers customers to get any task done.

For its LA launch, Airtasker is offering customers a $5 botox deal for a limited time from 12-29 October 2022 to show customers that they can literally get any task done on the platform.

This deal is made possible via our partnership with SkinsationLA, a certified medical spa in LA.

Please review and accept these terms and conditions before posting a task to redeem the $5 Botox offer:

  1. The Customer must be aged 18 years or over and a US citizen or permanent resident living within the United States.
  2. The Customer must be located or be willing to accept the Botox injections at a location within a 35-mile radius of SkinsationLA headquarters located at 6310 San Vicente Blvd 325, Los Angeles, CA, United States.
  3. The Customer must have created an Airtasker account, including details of a nominated bank account for $5 USD task payment and posted a task with the #BOTOXLA hashtag, in accordance with the offer guidelines.
  4. Once selected to participate, the Customer must assign the task to the central SkinsationLA account.
  5. The task must be posted by 4 pm 2 days prior to the requested date to be considered for selection. For example, if you want Botox on October 12th, you must post the task by 4 pm PDT on October 10th.
  6. The Customer must participate in a Good Faith Exam (GFE) prior to injection with a physician assistant or on-site nurse supplied by SkinsationLA.
  7. Botox injection appointments will be arranged strictly between Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 – Saturday, Oct 29, 2022, 9 am-6 pm (inclusive) and by participating, the Customer agrees to be available for any appointment assigned during those times.
  8. The Customer acknowledges that this procedure is being provided by SkinsationLA and that they have been provided with all appropriate information relating to the Botox treatment, including all risks associated with the procedure by SkinsationLA.The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Airtasker plays no part in providing the Botox treatment and is merely facilitating the provision of the treatment by SkinsationLA over its online marketplace. Consequently, Airtasker has no liability to the Customer in the event that SkinsationLA does not provide the service as advertised or provides the Botox treatment in a way that causes any loss or damage to the Customer.The Customer expressly waives all liability against Airtasker in respect of any personal injury, loss incurred, or damage sustained as a result of the Botox treatment and agrees not to take any action against Airtasker relating to the procedure or this campaign. The Customer agrees that at the request of Airtasker, they will sign such additional legal documents, including Airtasker’s waiver and SkinsationLA’s client consent form as may be required.
  9. You agree that Airtasker’s PR agency may contact you for the purposes of asking questions in relation to the campaign.


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