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Airtasker is now available in Atlanta!

By Bo Fishback

Updated: November 23rd, 2022

Hello, Atlanta!

Following the launch of our initial marketplaces in Kansas City, Dallas, and Miami, we’re now officially expanding to our fourth U.S. city: Atlanta.

So why did we pick Atlanta as our next key market? Well, after vetting different U.S. cities for tech-savviness, population demographics, and an appetite for outsourcing tasks, Atlanta scored high across all areas, emerging as a prime location to build our two-sided marketplace and offer real value to the local community.

From the city’s diversity to its thriving entrepreneurial spirit, we’re excited to empower Atlantans to get more done and to help them monetize their skills at a time when many people are searching for flexible work.

The “Great Resignation” has had a huge impact across the country, and Georgia is no exception. New reports show that 35,000 people in Georgia quit their jobs in August 2021 – the highest increase in the quit level across the country¹. So it’s likely this trend could encourage more Atlantans to join the flexible labor economy, and that’s where Airtasker comes in.

As an online marketplace, we connect customers who need a task completed – like cleaning, delivery, yard work or handyperson services – with rated, reviewed, and skilled local service providers ready to work straight away.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave many of us an opportunity to reflect on our lives and career, which is why workers have voluntarily quit their jobs to find a better work-life balance. While many workers were laid off during the pandemic, we’re starting to see a shift where workers are now more empowered to take control of their lives and pursue flexible work.

We believe this “Great Resignation” could also unlock more innovation as people find new ways to monetize their skills and passions, and we may even see new businesses pop up.

Airtasker exists to empower people to create income and purpose with Taskers earning up to $2,500 a month on average on the platform, so we’re excited to play a part in helping people bounce back following the pandemic.

With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to reduce the stress of planning Thanksgiving or Christmas by finding a skilled Tasker to help. From finding someone to assemble your Christmas lights or decorations, wrap gifts, or even clean up after the festivities – you can virtually get anything done on Airtasker.

We proudly serve a global community of 4.7 million members, and we’re excited to grow our Atlanta community to help people tick more off their to-do lists and to help service providers unlock greater earning potential.

Need something done, or want to earn cash ahead of the holidays? Sign up to Airtasker today.

¹ U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: State Job Openings and Labor Turnover (August 2021) 


Bo Fishback

Bo is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and executive who previously served as the founder and CEO of Zaarly. Following Zaarly’s acquisition in May 2021, Bo joined Airtasker USA as CEO and is leading the company’s US expansion across Kansas City, Dallas and Miami. Bo believes in good karma, ambitious projects and youth basketball.