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10 Fun and easy Easter craft ideas for kids

By Airtasker

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Check out these egg-citing Easter crafts that will keep your kids hoppin’

Looking for fun and creative Easter craft ideas to do with your kids? Look no further! Weve rounded up 10 easy and exciting crafts that are sure to impress your little ones. From making bunny garlands and glittery eggs to decorating Easter cookies, theres something for everyone.

So gather up the kids and get ready to hop into the Easter spirit with these delightful craft ideas!

1. Easter bunny garland

Colourful Easter bunny garland

Add a charming and easy-to-make bunny garland to your home decor to brighten up your Easter celebrations; all you need is scrapbook paper and yarn!

Print and cut out Easter bunny shapes on scrapbook paper to create 9-10 bunnies. (The thicker the scrapbook paper, the better, so it won’t wrinkle easily.) Then, glue cotton balls or DIY pom poms for the tails onto the bunny shapes. Lastly, attach the bunnies to the yarn to create a garland.

2. Paper plate Easter bunny

Paper plate Easter bunnies

Paper plate Easter Bunnies are simple, making them one of the most fun Easter craft ideas for kids and toddlers.

To make a paper plate Easter bunny, grab colourful markers to draw on the nose, cheeks, and whiskers. Then, cut out white construction paper for the ears and glue them onto the paper plate. You can also glue on some googly eyes if you have them!

3. Easter cookies

Easter cookies on baking tray

What about some Easter sugar cookies? You can opt for ready-made, store-bought ones in varieties your kids love, then let them decorate with icing or edible toppings like marshmallows and chocolate chips.

If you want a no-fuss Easter cookie-decorating session, you can also hire a baker on Airtasker for a one-off baking class at home!

4. Easter bunny spoons

Colourful handmade Easter bunny spoons in child's hands, Easy kids crafts

For simple craft ideas for Easter, make these Easter Bunny spoons. Have fun transforming an ordinary wooden spoon into cute bunnies, which you can use as Easter decorations or bedtime story spoons!

Start by painting some wooden spoons white. Once dry, draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth with a black marker.

You can switch it up with googly eyes, felt bunny ears, or pipe cleaner whiskers. With all the embellishments to choose from, your kid can unleash their imagination and create the most unique Easter bunny spoon puppets.

5. Easter egg cardboard wreath

Easter egg cardboard wreath

Glue around 12 pieces of Easter egg cutouts (or more if you’re going for a bigger wreath) to create a fun and colourful Easter wreath. Then cut a pair of bunny ears from pink and white felt paper. It’s as easy as that!

6. Glitter Easter eggs

Child sprinkling glitter on coloured eggs on palette tray

Need more Easter craft ideas for kids? Make your regular Easter eggs dazzle with glitter. Just brush the eggs with glue, drizzle on some glitter, and let them dry.

7. Easter Egg Bunnies

Easter egg bunnies on grass background

Is it possible to talk about Easter craft ideas without mentioning Easter egg bunnies? Aside from being easy to make (your young ones will be impressed!), you can keep them as decorations all year round. Just decorate some plastic eggs with ribbons, colourful felt, or stickers, and you have yourself some Easter egg bunnies.

8. Easter sock bunny

Sock bunny with dandelion on grass

Need more craft ideas for Easter to keep the kids preoccupied and excited? An Easter sock bunny is a great way to recycle old colourful socks and make a toy from scratch!

Fill a sock with rice to create the head using rubber bands. Next, cut out the top of the sock to make the ears, snipping off the corners to make them slightly rounded. Then, draw the bunny’s face with a black marker, and add a cute little ribbon.

This craft doesn’t require exceptional artistic skills – anyone can do it! But you can post a task to hire an art tutor who can teach your kids more than just art basics.

9. Easter pasta art

Little girl making art with painted pasta

Easter craft ideas for kids need not be expensive or complicated. In fact, you can get your inspiration from pasta noodles!

To do this, paint your pasta noodles in different vibrant colours. Then allow them to dry on a sheet of wax paper, making sure to spread the pasta noodles so they don’t stick together. Next, cut out Easter eggs from the cardboard and paint them. Once dry, glue your painted pasta noodles on the cardboard Easter eggs.

These make lovely decorations, so post them on doors or walls, or punch a hole to hang them outside.

10. Clothespin peek-a-boo Easter chicks

Clothespin peek-a-boo Easter chicks, DIY Easter toys

Last but not least, make these adorable clothespin Easter chicks! They’re easy to make and only need a few materials readily available at your neighbourhood craft store. Your kids will surely have a grand time making them.

First, cut your construction paper (or craft foam) into an Easter egg shape, then cut a zig-zag across it. Pinch open the clothespin and add a strip of Crafter’s tape where the egg will be positioned. Then tape the clothespin to the back of the paper egg, so it opens with the cracked egg’s opening.

And then for the cutest part: Cut out a tiny chick shape using yellow paper and draw the eyes and beak.

We hope these Easter craft ideas have inspired you to get creative and enjoy some quality time with your kids over the holidays. Don’t forget to snap some photos of your creations and cherish the memories for years to come. Happy Easter!

If you need a quick art tutorial, someone to run errands for you, or help you with your Easter party prep, post a task on Airtasker and get it sorted ASAP.


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