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10 spring cleaning hacks for your home

By Kirstine Pedersen

Updated: July 4th, 2018

Here's a pick of the best spring cleaning hacks to get you started.

The days are getting longer and a little warmer, which means spring is here and summer is finally close! However, that also means it’s time to declutter and give your house a good spring clean. Although the extra work can make it seem like a massive weekend-long chore, we’ve collected a few simple hacks that will see you finished with your spring cleaning in no time.

From organising your house to polishing glasses, the list of to-do’s can be endless. Here’s a pick of the best spring cleaning hacks to get you started:

Organise your wardrobe

Clothes hanging up

Deciding what clothes to throw away is a tough choice and one we really don’t like to make. Why? Because we often attach nostalgic memories to our clothes. Sometimes though, it’s simply time to get rid of them. Especially if they haven’t been worn even once in the last year.

To make it easier to gauge what you really do and don’t wear, try hanging all of your coat hangers in the opposite direction to how you put them away. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to see which coat hangers are still in the original direction. These are clearly not items you reach for and could consider donating charity.

Messy drawers no more

We’ve all been guilty of shoving clean our laundry into a drawer without folding it, which makes it’s impossible to find anything. It’s not an effective use of space and also causes some serious creasing.

An easy solution is to pack your t-shirts vertically instead of horizontally. You’ll be able to fit more and also find your favourite tees in a few seconds – without making a mess!

Laundry organisation
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Clean your vases

Getting rid of stubborn grime in your vases can be tough and unpleasant. To make it a little easier, add a cup of uncooked rice, warm water and half a cup of window cleaner and mix around. Your vase will be sparkling clean and ready for fresh flowers in an instant.

Window shutter dusting

Clean your shutters

As pretty as they look, window shutters aren’t the easiest blinds to clean. Luckily, there’s quick cleaning hack to help. All you need is a knife (not a sharp one) and a microfiber cloth to wrap around it. You can use this to clean each slat with ease and pick up dust easily.

Dusting lamp shades

Lampshade cleaning

Do you find that the dust just sticks to lampshades and doesn’t want to budge?  Try using a run-of-the-mill clothing lint roller to roll over the outside and inside of your lamp shades.

Shower curtain mould

To get rid of any mouldy build-up on your shower curtain, you could simply toss it into the washing machine. You could also make a natural cleaning solution, which can be reused every few weeks.

Make your own natural shower curtain cleaner by mixing half vinegar and half water into an empty spray bottle. Stretch the curtain to it’s full width (so you can get in the creases) and spray the vinegar solution. Leave for a couple of minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Bathroom grout cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Scrubbing grout can be labour intensive. And even with all your efforts, you may not be able to remove the most stubborn mould. To make it a bit easier on yourself, soak cotton wool in bleach and place along the mouldy grout. This will get rid (or at least make it easier to scrub) the mould off, saving time and effort.

Clearing out the drain

Drains can easily get clogged up with food particles. You can buy drain cleaners to help solve this, but for a chemical-free alternative try using baking soda and vinegar. You will need 2 cups of baking soda, 4 cups of boiling water and 1 cup of vinegar at your disposal.

Cleaning with baking powder

Follow these steps:

  • Pour 4 tbsp of baking soda carefully down the drain followed by 400ml of the boiling water. Wait a few moments.
  • Pour another 4 tbsp of baking soda, then the cup of vinegar. Plug the drain immediately as bubbles will rise.
  • When the bubbles die down slightly, pour in the remaining 400ml cups of boiling water.

Dusting high ceilings

Get to those hard to reach places, like ceiling corners, by using a broom with a microfibre cloth at the end. This will help you easily clear any dust or cobwebs.

If you’re having trouble with the cloth staying put, use a big elastic band or some string to keep it in place.


Or perhaps the best hack yet? Use the London cleaning services of an Airtasker and you can get your spring cleaning done without lifting a finger.



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