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From the sales hustle to building a cleaning empire

By Katie

Updated: July 15th, 2019

Making it in a new country can be daunting but not for Eba who built his cleaning business from the ground up.

Eba and his wife make one powerful duo, after moving to Australia from Mongolia seven months ago to study full time, they joined Airtasker after a recommendation from his cousin. Although they worked in sales and accounting back in Mongolia, they aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty to makes homes sparkle by completing house cleaning tasks on Airtasker. But let’s find out what drives Eba and his wife to continue to build on their business dream.

So why Airtasker?

“We’ve only been in Australia a little while and came over to study English at Mercury College, but we needed to help pay for the course fees and I also want to go to university after I finish this course. My cousin’s wife recommended Airtasker as they are also on there doing cleaning tasks.  It’s great because if there is a big task, like a really big end of lease house clean, we’ll get them to help us so that we can finish on time.

This platform has allowed my wife and myself to work together. We usually start early at 7am and when I need to go to my classes, my wife can continue to finish the task if needed. It’s a great team.

At first, when I didn’t understand the platform too well I would make a lower offer but then when I got to the job and you actually needed four people. It was a much bigger task. Now I make sure that I ask for photos of the task and look at their profile for past reviews, so I know who I’ll be working with.

Nowadays I stand out on tasks because of my Completion Rate and also my reviews – they are really good!

Tasker Snapshot

  • End of lease cleaning specialist
  • Over 15 completed tasks since August 2018
  • 4.9-star rating
  • 89% Completion rate

Tell us a bit more about the cleaning tasks you do…

We do any cleaning that needs to be done and focus on these areas:

  • General cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • End of lease and bond cleaning
  • Office cleaning

It’s really important that people keep on top of their cleanliness in their homes. If everyone does a weekly clean, the dirt and dust won’t build up as much and it will be a lot easier.

We buy our favourite cleaning products in bulk because that helps us to save in costs but one of the most used products is Gumption, it’s so good for bathrooms and also when you need to clean walls.

Do you have any tips for other new Airtaskers?

I think there will always be some difficulties and differences in understanding what the expectations are when we arrive for a task. Sometimes houses are much bigger than what was described in the task. If the Poster can provide a photo, that will overcome this issue though and help us to make a fair offer price.

Having a high-performance level and also lots of communication on the platform is really important values for us to work well. This means that we are more likely to get the job done efficiently.

I also see a lot of other new cleaners on Airtasker and I feel like I should help out those people too so that they know what they are doing as well. It improves the experience for everyone.

One last thing about me…

I’m a massive Liverpool FC fan and I’ll always get up early to watch the games.”

Does your home or office need a good scrub? Eba and his wife are the ultimate cleaning dream team, so take a look at his profile and book them in for your next task.



I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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