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35+ Country kitchen designs – french country kitchen, modern country kitchen ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Heart of the home is in the kitchen and that's definitely the case with a country style kitchen.

Country kitchens have been around for a long time as beautiful, large spaces for the whole family to enjoy. And in recent years, they’ve been reemerging in new ways. While the traditional country kitchen is still a much-loved design, new modern country kitchens focus on a modern rustic touch that’s still cosy and homely.

So we’re going to dive into 35+ country kitchen designs, but before we do, let’s start off with the foundations of a country kitchen.


Country style kitchens generally use natural materials like wood or granite and focus on fine craftsmanship to create a warm, inviting kitchen where guests will feel comfortable to spend a lot of time. Traditional country kitchens often use design elements like stencilling or vintage signage.


Like their materials, country kitchens can stick to neutral and natural colours like white, cream, beige and grey, or they can include rich colours like gold, deep red and olive, or they can incorporate a bright or pastel colour palette.


For added interest, country kitchens traditionally include patterns like plaid blankets and tweed. But there are so many other patterns that can be used! A mix of stripes, florals and nature prints also look stunning against a natural, rustic room.

Antique details

If you’re going for an ultra-modern country kitchen style, then you might want to skip this element. But if you’re wanting to create a more traditional homey feel, adding antique details will do the trick! You could replace big pieces of furniture like your dining table or chairs, or you could switch out cabinet handles for antique ones. And you could add little details like signs, clocks or vases.

The good thing is that you don’t have to buy antique-look items brand new. You can find truly authentic antiques by heading to your local second-hand store or op shop. There’s bound to be something that you can reuse!

Now that we’ve covered off on the essentials, it’s time to dive into the pretty pictures.

1. Put everything on display

Country kitchens are not minimal, so you don’t have to worry about putting every single item away. Hang your pots and pans, display your chopping boards, place a potted plant on a cake stand, and position a beautiful kettle on the stove. It’s these little details that will make a huge difference to the overall look of the space!

Country kitchen
Source: Shabby Fufu

2. Combine white and natural wood

This colour pairing is a match made in heaven. Timber benches pair perfectly with white accents. You can use white floating shelves, like in this design, and stack them full of bowls, plates and your favourite mugs. When it comes to the bench, put a few appliances and mugs on display.

Country kitchen
Source: Itty Bitty Farmhouse

3. White rangehood

Country kitchens are made for cooking up a storm. And you’ll certainly be able to do that with a statement rangehood like this one. The all-white design is chic and modern, while the little touches of timber and wood with the exposed ceiling beam and utensils on the bench add a nice rustic touch.

Country kitchen
Source: Jillian Harris

4. Marble and natural wood

Nothing says modern design more like a beautiful clean marble benchtop. And this is one way to bring your country kitchen into the 21st century. I love this design. And I think the geometric shapes and straight lines in the wood inject a whole lot of character into this lovely space.

Country kitchen
Source: House and Home

5. Olive tones

This is a colour that you’ve probably seen a lot of lately because it’s one of the most popular choices this year. And with good reason – it looks beautiful! This country kitchen is fairly traditional, but the sleek finishes give it a modern touch. And the fresh vase of flowers on the dining table adds warmth to this otherwise cool room.

Country kitchen
Source: House and Home

6. Light and bright country kitchen

If you’re wanting a modern, clean and all-white kitchen, then this is the choice for you. The detailing on the white cabinets make them very french chic, and the stone countertop adds a touch of texture and warmth.

Country kitchen
Source: Carla Aston

7. Put your fruit on display

As I’ve said, country kitchens do not keep everything neat and tucked away. And this couldn’t be more true, in this case. Recreate this look, yourself, by displaying your fruit and veg in fruit stands and bowls. This not only makes your space feel more lived in, but it also adds a lot of warmth and colour!

Country kitchen
Source: Design Sponge

8. Dark timber country kitchen

Make a statement by using dark timber for both your kitchen island and flooring. You can create contrast by using different colours for your kitchen cupboards and shelving. In this kitchen, the island is dark timber, the far-right cupboards are a slick black timber, and the cupboards on the far left are a bright white.

Country kitchen
Source: House and Home

If you really like a darker kitchen and looking for some more examples, we’ve actually put all here with these black kitchen ideas.

9. Vintage island

Combine the old with the new with a vintage island. This is one way to make your modern country kitchen a little more traditional. If you’re on a budget or after something a little bit unique, you can find pieces like this at your local thrift store. Simply sand down the timber and paint it the colour of your choice.

Country kitchen
Source: Inspired by Charm

10. Open shelves

This is one way to add character to your kitchen while keeping things practical. This simple farmhouse kitchen’s open shelves display a mixture of white plates and bowls, plus mixing bowls, cooking pots, and a few canisters of sugar and flour.

Country kitchen
Source: Inspired by Charm

11. Marble rangehood

Add some colour and texture to your country kitchen with a marble rangehood like this one. The stainless steel oven and timber drawers and flooring create the perfect contrast.

Country kitchen
Source: Dana Lynch Design

12. Brass hardware

There’s nothing like brass hardware to make your kitchen design pop! And it looks beautiful with white cabinets and a clean stone benchtop. The cupboard moulding adds another layer of detail and brings a country touch to this kitchen.

Country kitchen
Source: Murphy Co Design

13. Mismatching chairs

One way to add an instant country flair to your modern kitchen is to incorporate different types of chairs around your table. Take this design, for example. There are black timber chairs with a rattan and brown leather chair at the table, and black stools under the bench. It means that you always have the flexibility to change up your dining and kitchen space.

Country kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

14. Add flowers

Make your kitchen instantly more country style by adding fresh flowers by the dozen! Wild, unstructured florals and greenery will make your space look homier while adding a touch of colour and style.

Country kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

15. Brick splashback

Have you ever seen a splashback like this one? My bet is that you haven’t! This Chicago brick starts from the benchtop and continues right up to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. And it also adds a whole lot of glowing warmth to this otherwise cool space.

Country kitchen
Source: Hello Lovely Studio

But this is just one example, I’ve got plenty more kitchen splashback ideas that you should take a look at. That way to can pick the right one for your home!

16. Deep green aga stove

If you want to make a statement with your country kitchen design, then this may be the choice for you. It would be perfect in a country cottage kitchen. It has all the feeling of yesteryear but it can also be paired with contemporary touches for a more modern finish.

Country kitchen
Source: Rikki Snyder

17. French country kitchen

Escape to the French countryside with a gorgeous blue-and-white kitchen like this one. Decorate your space with mismatched pieces, like coloured pots and pans on the walls, mosaic tiles, hanging woven baskets, and a bunch of fresh pink roses. Now, imagine your home teeming with people as you cook up a storm for your guests in the kitchen!

Country kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

18. Dark and clean

If you like to keep things a little less vintage and a lot more modern, then this is the country kitchen design for you. The dark colours and brass finishes make this cabinetry very modern, while the freestanding white sink adds a traditional country touch. And the open shelves filled with watering cans, vases, bowls and jugs, plus the flowers and greenery makes this reminiscent of a french country kitchen.

Country kitchen
Source: Jim Westphalen Photography

19. Mix surfaces

This is not your stock-standard kitchen, because it doesn’t stick to the same textures, colours or surfaces throughout. In fact, it kind of break the rules, and I’m here for it! The cabinets are in a very light green, while the benchtop is a dark black marble-style material. And the middle bench has a timber top, while the rest of the room is light and natural.

Country kitchen
Source: Architectural Digest

20. Mosaic tile splashback

Give your country kitchen a touch of Mediterranean style by installing a gorgeous colourful splashback like this one. I love how the shapes in the pattern are so unique! And the brass wall lamps look fantastic on this design.

Country kitchen
Source: The White Buffalo Styling Co

21. Display your plates

In a traditional country kitchen, less is more really isn’t a thing. These kind of designs go by the ‘more is more’ mantra. Just take this large kitchen, for example. The benches are filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables, and cooking essentials. But the heroes of the show really are the blue-and-white dishes that line the top shelves of the kitchen. If you want to recreate this style, think about what items you can put on display!

Country kitchen
Source: Country Living

22. Add some copper

Copper is a beautiful way to make a statement in your country style kitchen. It doesn’t matter if it’s old collectables or brand-new.

Source: Vogue Living

23. Island bench

You’ve simply got to have an island bench in country kitchen design. And this timber-topped island is beautiful. It adds a layer of warmth and colour to this kitchen, which is otherwise very white and simple.

Source: willow farm berry

24. Statement lights

Another great kitchen idea is to add a little bit of pizazz with some statement lighting. And these light shades certainly add a whole lot of character and style to this kitchen. Not to mention that they complement the brass tapware! So, if you’re wanting to make a statement with your lighting, just make sure you tie the colour and design into another aspect of your kitchen.

Country kitchen
Source: Lynne Knowlton

If you love this kitchen and want some more inspiration, here are another 100 kitchen ideas.

25. Traditional white sink

How gorgeous is this little corner of the kitchen? I love this sink so much, and it would look perfect in a french country kitchen.

Source: sarahshermansamuel

26. Display your cutlery

We’ve already established that country kitchens typically have a lot of things on display, including pots and pans, vases and more. But have you ever considered putting your cutlery on show? This kitchen is a great example of this style, with cutlery sitting just above the sink, and knives hanging on the right. This adds a lived-in feel to your space while injecting a whole lot of character.

Country kitchen
Source: Rikki Snyder

27. Timber and black

Take a walk to the dark side with this black-and-timber kitchen. If you want to recreate this look, stick to two colours. In this case, there’s the black of the cabinets and rangehood, and then there’s the warmth of the timber for the floors and benchtops and the warmth of the woven baskets.

Country kitchen
Source: Nest Twenty Eight

28. Green and gold

These two colours are a match made in heaven. While gold looks good with nearly every colour, the green really makes it pop! And both green and gold look so good with white as a base. This makes for a very versatile design where you can pair white tiled walls, a white bench and a white fridge, with dark green cabinetry and brass touches.

Country kitchen
Source: Pufik Homes

29. Natural wood

Strip your country kitchen design back to the essentials by using natural timber throughout your space. I love how the timber flooring in this design really compliments the timber cabinetry. And the sleek white benches and white island cabinets provide a beautiful finish. Inject colour into this space by adding a large bunch of greenery or flowers on your island, and by placing fruit and pot plants around the room.

Country kitchen
Source: Studio McGee

30. White subway tiles

Subway tiles have been popular for a long time, and they aren’t going anywhere! If you want to create a country kitchen, the good news is that you can use white subway tiles, like these ones. I particularly love how they have dark grout in between them, which comes together nicely with the sleek grey cabinets. And the little hanging print on the wall, pot plants, cake stand and canisters on the bench add a homely feel to the kitchen.

Country kitchen
Source: Hommemaker

31. White decor

There’s nothing more country style than a whole lot of white kitchenware. And this space is filled with it! Plus, the colour scheme in this space is perfect – there’s dark grey, silver, and plenty of white.

Country kitchen
Source: Houzz

If you love light and bright in your home, here are a bunch more white kitchen ideas to think about for your next renovation project.

32. Practical island

How great is this kitchen island? No, really – take a good look at it. It’s such a practical storage solution because it’s got room for almost anything! There are two large open spaces on either side for holding larger dishes and pots, plenty of cabinets and drawers, and a huge timber benchtop, which is perfect for preparing food (and decorating with flowers!)

Country kitchen
Source: Houzz

33. Chalkboard menu

Make your country kitchen rustic with the addition of a timber enclosed chalkboard, like this one. This is a great place for planning out your menu for the week, making a note of your shopping list, or even writing out your household chores.

Country kitchen
Source: Blesser House

34. Make space for everyone

The great thing about country kitchens is that they are designed with entertaining in mind. So, if you have a big family or simply like to have a lot of guests around on a Sunday afternoon, make sure you have room for everyone. One simple way to do this is by installing an overhanging timber benchtop and adding bench seats underneath. You can also buy stackable stools that you can leave packed away in a corner or cupboard to bring out when you have a full house!

Country kitchen
Source: Period Property Store

35. Exposed stone

You can make your modern country kitchen rustic by retaining any exposed bricks or timber that are a part of your original home design. This makes your space feel a lot more natural, while adding character and detail.

Country kitchen
Source: Farrow Ball

And there you have it, 35+ country kitchens, including french and modern styles. I hope this inspired you to create the country kitchen of your dreams! If you have any more country kitchen ideas, I’d love to hear them. Comment below and share them with me.


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