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Spring cleaning checklist

By Kirstine Pedersen

Updated: July 4th, 2018

To help you get started, we've created this simple spring cleaning checklist.

Cleaning your entire house from floor to ceiling can feel like an overwhelming task before you even begin. However, if you’re organised and prepared with all the necessary equipment and products, the home cleaning process will be over before you know it. Or, you could always opt for a local London cleaner to take the task off your hands!

To help you get started, we’ve created this simple spring cleaning checklist:

Hallway/ General area

– Dust light fixtures
– Wash walls and windows
– Clean door knobs, light switches etc.
– Mop/vacuum floors
– Clean windows and window sills
– Dust ceiling fans

Cleaning windows


– Dust furniture
– Dust ceiling fans
– Move bed and clean underneath
– Remove clothes from drawers and wash drawers/wipe them clean
– Air out mattress

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– Empty and clean vanity units
– Clean drains, mirrors, bathtub, faucets, grout
– Wash shower curtains
– Clean air vents


– Clean pantry and dispose of all old food
– Remove fridge shelving and clean
– Remove crockery and glasses to clean out cupboards
– Wash chopping boards
– Sharpen any dull knives
– Wash outside and on top of cupboards
– Clean crumbs out of toaster
– Descale kettle
– Clean under fridge and coils at the back
– Clean dishwasher
– Wash down stove and inside oven

Living room

– Vacuum sofas
– Wash sofa covers
– Dust/ clean any shelves
– Dust electrical products e.g. gaming consoles, amps etc (warning: make sure they are unplugged and be careful)
– Wash or wipe any children’s toys


– Clean washing machine and dryer to remove any lint or build up
– Wash sink, faucets etc.


– Sweep any outside spaces
– Wash doors
– Remove spider webs
– Prune plants

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