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Top 20 work from home jobs on Airtasker

By Airtasker

Updated: August 9th, 2022

Find the top 20 work from home jobs available on Airtasker.

Airtasker top 20 work from home jobs

1. Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper is instrumental in developing and maintaining a record of all of a business’s financial transactions. The bookkeeper is responsible for establishing any new accounts for the business or individual in question, posting any transaction that the person or business has and ensuring the business follows all of the legal requirements and stays compliant.

A bookkeeper may also be responsible for preparing financial reports for the person or business by analysing, collecting and combing trends and account information. On average, taking on five or more bookkeeping jobs a week can bring $3,183 per month in your pocket.

2. Data Entry

A data entry operator or clerk takes customer and account data sourced from their employer and documents it appropriately within the given time frame into a database. They’re instrumental in maintaining accurate records of valuable company information, and they typically work to catch any errors in the database that could skew results. 

Data entry specialists must have fast typing skills, be familiar with spreadsheets, know how to use online forms and have an eye for detail. They also have to be able to keep sensitive information confidential. Picking up five or more data entry jobs per week can earn you $2,782 per month.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works from home and acts like a secretary or assistant performing many administrative duties for their employer. This could include things like bookkeeping, online research, database entries, presentations, managing day to day emails, scheduling, social media management, travel research and more.

Virtual assistants must be very organised and able to work independently, able to communicate clearly, develop or have sales skills and know-how to prioritise some tasks over others. Working from home on our platform and doing five or more virtual assistant jobs per week can earn you around $909 per month.

4. User Testing

User testing is where people agree to participate in testing a feature, product or prototype for a business or client. This is a critical part of the design process, and the users are expected to give honest feedback for all of the products or features they test.

Typically, people perform the task to the best of their ability and report back if they run into any problems or issues during the testing stage. This helps the developers improve on the product before they mass produce it. People who do five or more user testing jobs per week can earn around $1,516 per month.

5. IT Support

Are you tech savvy? If so, you could work from home doing IT support! This job requires you to troubleshoot problems for your clients’ device and network. Additionally, you also upgrade and work to maintain the computer network to ensure that it functions properly. 

You could perform a variety of jobs including remote software upgrades and installation, diagnosing faults in the software or hardware and finding solutions for application or technical problems. By taking on five or more IT support jobs per week, you could earn $3,031 per month.

6. Email Setup

Email setup is meticulous and detailed work, and it can involve anything from transferring existing emails onto other email platforms for a client, to creating brand new emails to match a new website or domain. You could also be tasked with setting up an email alert system for a business or client.

You must be tech-savvy and pay attention to detail. You must also be able to work independently and complete the email setup process quickly and efficiently. If you pick up five or more email setup tasks per week, you could earn $1,667 per month.

7. Logo Design

Logo designers are a form of graphic designer that creates distinctive graphics that accurately represents a brand or client. You’ll create visual concepts based on your client’s feedback, and effectively be able to communicate the message the brand wants to get across.

You may design the logo by hand or by software, and you’ll make adjustments as dictated by the client. You would also be responsible for being able to clearly communicate ideas and tailor a logo to suit your clients’ needs and wants. Work five or more logo design jobs from home a week and you can earn $1,516 per month.

8. Adobe Photoshop Designer

An Adobe Photoshop graphic artist excels at all areas of Adobe Photoshop. You’ll utilise this software to create, edit and clean up images for your client. Your goal is to create visual graphics that inspire and captivate customers for a business or individual.

You must have a great eye for detail and be able to interpret what your client wants in their final design. You may also be charged with creating brochures, social media banners and images and more. Picking up five or more photoshop jobs per week will earn you roughly $909 per month.

9. Copywriting

Copywriters create content that drives traffic to their clients’ website or business. You could start and maintain a blog for the business, fill out the company information, add keywords to the content or structure it for SEO purposes to improve the page’s ranking in the SERPs.

Copywriters have to have an eye for detail, be able to take clients’ instructions and create a readable piece of copy that flows from one idea to the next, and have excellent spelling and grammar. Performing five or more copywriting jobs a week can earn $2,273 per month.

10. Resume Writing Jobs

A resume writer ensures that their clients’ resume showcases their skills, education, job history and qualifications in a readable and clear format. The goal is to sell their clients to help ensure that they get the job and stand out over other applicants.

You should be able to craft a compelling resume that catches people’s attention and that the client can use as a marketing tool. Attention to detail, formatting skills, excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling are a must. Five or more resume writing jobs from home each week can earn you $1,516 per month.

11. E-commerce Website Developer

An accomplished e-commerce website developer will know how to design apps and websites to appeal to the targeted client range to buy or sell products and services. Strong knowledge of CCS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rail are all valuable skills to have.

Your job will be to perform research into the client’s targeted customer base and design a website that will attract them and compel them to buy the client’s products or services. You can do this working from home, and completing five or more eCommerce developer projects per week can earn you approximately $4,547 per month.

12. Wix Help

Wix is a popular cloud-based web development platform that helps customers upgrade or create a sleek and responsive HTML5 website. Knowledge of how to create websites through Wix and how it works is essential, and you’ll help troubleshoot any issues your customer may have while using the platform.

A basic understanding of coding and web development is helpful, and you must also be able to communicate effectively and turn your client’s vision into a functional and responsive website. If you do five or more Wix help jobs per week, you could earn $3,637 per month.

13. Spanish Translation

Translators are in great demand. You’d be responsible for a variety of tasks including translating verbal communications, transcribing and delivering messages in both English and Spanish, and translating written documents from one language to the other. An excellent written and oral grasp of the language is critical.

You may also be responsible for translating recorded audio into written format between Spanish and English. Additionally, you want to have excellent written and oral communication skills, an eye for detail and great listening skills. Performing five or more Spanish translation jobs from home per week can earn you $1,516 per month.

14. Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for planning, organising and executing digital marketing campaigns for your clients across different platforms. You’ll have to analyse metrics and identify marketing trends to help promote your client’s products or services through digital marketing campaigns.

Many digital marketing managers or individuals have a graphic design or art background, and they have a strong understanding of marketing trends and of the analytics that helps marketing campaigns succeed. Working five or more digital marketing jobs per week can earn roughly $2,273 per month.

15. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An SEO specialist is someone who has a thorough understanding of all of the components that go into SERPs. You’ll be responsible for analysing, implementing, reviewing and monitoring websites for SEO. This could include developing content with keywords to help drive organic traffic to a website and successfully competing on both a local and worldly level.

Knowledge of Google’s ranking factors and penalties for trying to circumvent those ranking factors is critical, as is the ability to research keywords or phrases and add them into the website to increase the page’s ranking. Performing five or more SEO jobs per week can earn you around $3,031 per month.

16. Market Research

Market research jobs involves a lot of collecting data from competitors and consumers, and then creating comprehensive and cohesive reports based on the feedback you get from your data collection. You may also have to design surveys to help understand prospective customers’ needs and preferences.

Excellent written and oral communication skills, data collection experience and the ability to create reports or presentations are vital. You’ll help companies understand who will buy their products, which consumer group wants them and at what price. Performing five or more market research jobs per week can earn you around $455 per month.

17. Payroll Accountant

The primary job of a payroll accountant is to process a company’s payroll to ensure that the employees get their money on time. Your duties could include basic office responsibilities to maintaining multiple payroll accounts. You look for errors and discrepancies and correct them as needed.

A good understanding of State and Territory taxes is required, as well as how to record salaries, commissions, bonuses, gross wages, benefits and more. You’ll also issue any pay-related information to the company’s employees. Working on five or more payroll accountant jobs from home per week can earn you $2,849 per month.

18. Budgeting Help

The tasks for budgeting help depend on whether or not you work for an individual or for a large corporation. However, the core duties of this job include creating a budget and monitoring expenses, reviewing any budget proposals for accuracy and completeness, and monitoring to ensure the company or individual doesn’t go outside of the set budget.

You may also recommend spending allocation, redistribute any extra funds or prepare annual reports. If you work from home and take on five or more budgeting help projects per week, you could earn around $2,728 per month.

19. WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms in the world, and you’d help to develop websites in this job. You could perform a variety of duties including transitioning websites from one platform to WordPress, fix and update forms, create blogs and improve the user-friendliness of the site.

You’ll need excellent technical abilities and an in-depth understanding of the WordPress site. Strong customer service skills, attention to detail and project management skills are necessary as well. You could earn $3,031 per month by completing five or more WordPress developer jobs per week.

20. Web and App Testing

Web and app testing professionals are mainly responsible for monitoring and testing websites and apps from a variety of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You’re testing the website’s responsiveness and how user-friendly they are on different devices. You’ll also perform and apply quality assurance methods to the sites.

You must have excellent documentation and communication skills, be able to reason and use logic to problem solve, be able to manage your time successfully, and communicate with your clients effectively. People who do five or more web and app testing jobs per week can earn roughly $455 per month for their services. 



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