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Summer gardening tips

By Airtasker

Updated: July 14th, 2023

Summer is almost here! Read on for some tips to help make summer gardening a breeze...

Summer is almost here! Your lawn may be growing quickly already, and staying on top of garden maintenance in London can be time-consuming. Read on for some tips to help make summer gardening a breeze:

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Water your garden efficiently

Heat and evaporation rates are at their peak during the middle of the day, which can cause your plants to stress and wilt. It’s best to water your plants and lawn either first thing in the morning, or later in the afternoon. This way, the water will have a better chance to soak into the ground, instead of evaporating straight away. Giving your thirsty garden a decent drink at cooler times of the day is also a more efficient use of water.

Bee-friendly summer gardening

A lot of fruit and vegetables in your garden probably require bee pollination. This summer, attract bees to your garden to pollinate your fruit and vegetables by refraining from using harmful pesticides. Consider planting bee-friendly flowering plants to help bulk their food supply up. Not only will your crops grow, but you’ll also help save the bees!

Bees in the garden

Set up an irrigation system

Setting up an irrigation system is a great afternoon project, and can be very cost-effective if you do it yourself.  You can tailor your design and materials to best suit your garden’s needs. Options include sprayers, sprinklers, drippers and more. You would start by measuring out your garden and map out your irrigation system design. You’d then choose your materials, measure out your water flow and start assembling.

To make your irrigation system easy and water-efficient, add an automated timer attachment to your tap so you don’t miss (or forget) the optimal watering time slot.

Cut your lawn a little longer

Grass grows at a much faster rate in the summer, and you may be tempted to mow it as short as possible to avoid having to do so regularly. However, your lawn will actually be in much better condition if cut a bit longer. Having your lawn a little longer will actually suppress weeds and bind growth.

We hope you enjoy these summer gardening tips! Let us know if you have any more to share in the comments section below.

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