How much does garden clearance cost?

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Garden clearance typically costs $60 to $90 per hour. It depends on the complexity of the job. How much does garden clearance cost on average? Most people pay $75 per hour.

Sometimes you don’t have time to take care of your garden. Fortunately, Taskers can save you from the hassle. Garden clearance can be as simple as trimming overgrown grass, weeds, and shrubbery or as complex as uprooting trees and hedges. Some projects even require waste removal. The goal is to restore your garden’s neat appearance.

Garden clearance costs in the US

Different states have different cost standards for garden clearance.


Average cost







New York




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What factors affect overgrown garden clearance costs?

  • Your location
  • The job's duration
  • Your garden’s condition
  • Your garden’s size
  • Waste removal

Project duration

This significantly affects costs, as some Taskers might charge by the hour. If you need to save money, consider doing some minor work on your garden beforehand to reduce the need for professional help. Be clear about your preferred schedule or time frame as you negotiate with your Tasker.

Garden condition

The overall condition of your garden determines the intricacy of the job. Some people neglect their gardens for a few weeks, so they only need simple restoration projects. Others delay garden clearance for years, so they require labor-intensive solutions. Here’s an estimate of how much garden clearing costs based on complexity:

Garden Clearance Complexity

Minimum cost

Maximum cost







Garden Clearance Debris

You might have to remove the following things when requesting a garden clearance service:

  • Overgrown grass
  • Weeds
  • Tree branches and roots
  • Hedges
  • Old, unwanted furniture

Garden Size

Your garden's size affects the clearance project's duration. Extensive gardens take longer to clear, while smaller gardens don’t need much effort.

Waste Disposal

Taskers might offer waste disposal services after clearing your garden. It's practical because you can hit two birds with one stone. You can ask different specialists to do the job for you for a higher cost. The choice is yours.

a man cleaning a garden

What other tasks can I book on Airtasker?

Taskers also specialize in other gardening tasks, such as:

  • Garden Cleaning: Taskers can deep clean your garden regularly.
  • Garden Tidying: Are you beautifying your garden for an occasion? Taskers can do it for you.
  • Yard Work: Major projects, like fertilizing and uprooting trees, might be too tedious for you.

What to include in your garden clearance listing

Now that you know the cost of garden clearance, here are some details to discuss when you book Taskers:

  • Your garden's size
  • Your desired outcome
  • Areas you want to keep as-is
  • Areas requiring special treatment
  • Other services you wish to book

These details can help Taskers give you accurate price estimates. They also help them expedite negotiations with potential clients moving forward.

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FAQs on garden clearance

It depends on the Tasker’s preferences. Given the job's difficulty, it’s no surprise that most Taskers charge by the hour. They will update you accordingly if they encounter significant obstructions requiring additional resources.

Taskers typically arrive with trash bags and other cleaning materials. They might include estimates for them in their job quotes.

It spares you from the hassle of a DIY project. Garden clearing is a must if you want a better home landscape. Let the pros handle it and post a task on Airtasker today!

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