How much does air conditioner installation cost?

Price Guide

£350 - £4,000







During summer, the last thing you want is a sweaty, uncomfortable home. Air conditioners are the perfect way to keep your home nice and cool while you enjoy the sunshine and maybe an ice cream or two. Installing an air conditioner is a tricky process that should be done by a professional, so you can cool down faster. 


Whether you need to install a split system, ducted, portable unit or window units, or even repair the air conditioner that you currently have, air conditioning installation prices may increase or decrease. This aircon installation cost guide will be the first step to you cooling your home down, just in time for summer!


Do I need to hire an aircon installer?


There are many different types of air conditioners out there, and sometimes you may think you can install a unit yourself. However, a licensed electrician is the safest and legal option for those who want to install one in their home. Of course, a portable unit can be installed by yourself, but it’s best to hire a professional for the following installations and repairs:


  • Ducted system

  • Window units

  • Central cooling

  • Split system

  • Pipe repairs


What are some questions to ask an electrician?

Before you hire an electrician to install or repair an air conditioner in your home, there are a few questions that you need to ask so you’re getting the best possible professional for the job. 


  • Do they have a licence?

  • How many tradies will be present whilst the installation or repair takes place?

  • Do they have insurance?

  • What services do they provide?

  • Do I need a permit to have this air conditioner?

  • What is included in their service fees?


Before you hire the professional, be sure that all tradies present in your home are licensed. Some tradies are certified air conditioner installers, some may be plumbers with certified training in installation and repair, and some have training but no license. Be sure to confirm these before you hire, as your installation process needs to be legal and of the best quality. 


Air conditioner installation and repair prices for different types of services


Air conditioning installation cost in the UK can vary from service to service. Some electricians are paid by the hour, but others charge based on the air conditioner brand, type, wattage and any other services added to the original job requested. Here's a quick breakdown to know how much to install air conditioning in your home.


Air conditioner service

Price Guide

Air conditioner service

Price Guide

Window units

£650 - £1,200

Ducted system

£2,500 - £4,000

Split systems

£1,250 - £2,500

Portable unit

£150 - £350



What factors affect the price of air conditioner installation services?


So, how much does it cost to install air conditioning? Many factors can affect the price of installing an air conditioner into your home. Some of the factors can dramatically increase or decrease the overall cost, so here are a few of them listed:


  • Number of windows in the specified location

  • Type and size of the unit

  • Brand of aircon

  • Amount of cable ducting required

  • Amount of refrigeration piping and interconnecting cable used

  • Accessibility


Other types of services that electricians can do


There are many other things that electricians, plumbers, and aircon installers can do for you while they’re preparing the aircon. These include: 


  • Maintaining aircon

  • Checking refrigerant levels and recharging

  • Replacing circuit board and fuses

  • Replacing air filters

  • Resetting thermostat and calibrating 

  • Fixing leaks



Air Conditioner Service

Price Guide

Air Conditioner Service

Price Guide

Fixing a leak

£30 - £200

Circuit board replacement

£250 - £510

Refrigerant recharge

£60 - £130

Replacing air filters

£30 - £75


£60 - £100

Resetting thermostat

£70 - £350



Air conditioner installation prices for different types of brands


If you need help in installing an air conditioner, but you’re not sure how much your AC brand will cost, here is a breakdown of the average price of each service:


Air conditioner brand

Price Guide

Olimpia C4.1Kw - Portable Split Cycle


Fujitsu ASYG C5.40KW - Wall Mounted


Mitsubishi C8.0Kw - Reverse Split Cycle



Average hourly rate for air conditioner installers in the UK


Depending on whether you’re installing an air conditioner in a domestic building or a commercial building, the hourly rate can vary. For domestic buildings, the hourly rate is £85 to £165, whereas the commercial hourly rate is £100 to £185. The prices will vary, once again, depending on the service that is required and any other factors that may affect the price. Some are listed below:


  • Location 

  • Accessibility to air conditioner

  • Size and type of aircon

  • Brand of aircon


The type of air conditioner brand will also help determine the final cost of the installation. Certain split system air conditioner brands will increase the overall cost of installation due to specific parts, services, and maintenance. 


Average air conditioner installation prices based on location


The cost to install air conditioning in a house in the UK varies on your current location. Typically, larger populated cities have cheaper rates for installation. Small split types will range from £600 to £749, whilst larger ducted systems cost more. 


Getting ready to hire someone to install or repair an air conditioner in your home


Getting ready to cool down your home? Let’s get started! Here are the things you’ll need to prepare for your listing. Explain your task, post your listing, review your offers, select the right person and they’ll get your building cool! 


Here are some things to include in your listing:


  • Location

  • Budget

  • Type of aircon

  • Size of aircon

  • Specific room / whole house

  • Type of insulation you have

  • Whether you need ductwork

  • Whether you need repairs or installation



The more information you include in this listing, the better your outcome will be. It makes it much easier for the electrician when they come to help you out. It’s also a good idea to have everything listed down, so they can refer to it later if they need to.

FAQs about air conditioner installation services

Do split system air conditioners use water?

Some ducted units require water to operate properly as they use water to cool the condenser.

Do air conditioners use a lot of energy?

Ducted and central air conditioners are a real energy hog. A window unit AC uses 500 to 1440 watts, while a 2.5-ton central system uses about 3500 watts. A floor fan uses only 100 watts on the highest speed, and ceiling fans use only 15 to 90 watts depending on speed and size.

What temperature should I set my aircon to?

Generally speaking in summer thermostats should be set 24°C–26°C. Every 1°C lower can increase running costs by up to 15%.

How long does it take to install an air conditioner?

It depends on the type of air conditioner you’re going to install. Typically, it takes a few hours to a whole day for an electrician to install an air conditioner.

What’s the life expectancy of an air conditioner?

It really depends on how often you maintain your aircon. The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is well over 10 years. Be sure to get your aircon checked up and tuned to increase its expectancy.

How often should I service my aircon?

In order to keep your aircon at its fullest capacity, it’s safest to service it once a year. This allows the piping to stay clean, manages any leaks and recalibrate the refrigeration settings.