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How Wes got his to-do's done

Meet Wes. He's a weirdly wonderful man on a mission to make his party pop. Check out below how he went from to-do to ta-da as if by magic using Airtasker

7:00 am

Cleaning... Sorted.

Leaving no nook unscrubbed, Bob stepped up to make the place sparklez

A veteran of many last-minute cleaning jobs, Bob’s special skills were just what Wes needed to get his house in order.

10:30 am

Wasps... Gone

Not the best guests at a party. Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

Luckily, Janet came to the rescue. A teacher by day, she used some spare time to teach those pests a lesson and earn a few extra bucks in the process.

12:00 pm

Bar... Built

I’m finally going to build that tiki bar” said Wes 5 weekends running...

On the plus side, Mike rocked up with an electric screwdriver and had the thing built quick as a flash. Leaving plenty of time to stock it up!

02:45 pm

Party... Prepped.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Of course, what’s a party without tunes?

However, Wes has all the tech know-how of a baby seal. That’s why he got Rachel to save the day - her tech wizardry was electric!

6:00 pm

Handmade art... Made.

D-day was nearly done, but Wes had one final masterstroke.

Guests needed to know they’d arrived at Castle Hardcastle. In swept Katie, painting palette in hand. With a flourish, she created a welcome sign to shame all other signs!