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Friday, 6th May 2016
I am down a man! One of my assistants has gone AWOL, and I need some help bringing some tasks to a close this week.

I have roughly a weeks work available for the right person. You will need to be available during the day to ask and answer questions, get allocated tasks, etc. but you can do all or some of the work at night. I'll always be available, but my family is often too disruptive for me at night!

The right person can:

1. Write a paragraph to address criteria
2. Can write quiz questions, short answer questions, and their answers and short activities (with my support)
3. Build small case studies to support learning of ideas
4. Develop (with my help) activities that force a student to address specific criteria
5. Research key criteria to determine what someone needs to know about the topic.

You must be resilient and be able to take feedback positively. This kind of support work has parameters, but sometimes it can be difficult to articulate the exact way to get it right. So instead we will work closely at the beginning to get things just write.

I have ongoing contract work for someone who is also able to research and write on a range of subjects. In particular, I need someone who can be informative in a concise way, write from what you know and then research the specialised information.

(The specified price is based on 4 milestones worth $150 each regardless of how long they take).
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Fully Allocated
Fully Allocated

Please don't share personal info – insurance won't apply to tasks not done through Airtasker!

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