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Saturday, 12th Aug 2017
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The website is slow and I am looking for a result based solution, I want to get the speed under 3 seconds using webpagetet org as the reference. Currently the site is averaging at 10 seconds, screenshot attached,

website only has 4 main pages, locally hosted with ventraIP

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Ok, the truth is you need to get that home page size back down to a few meg in size. Your homepage contains almost 3 times as much data as Wired magazines homepage which until now was the biggest homepage I had come accross. With the average data transfer being 1mbs in Australia, it litterally will not be physically possible to loaf your home page in less than 3 seconds as long as you have that video. I have no intention of placing a bid as I know that what you are after is not possible without doing something about that video. I'm sorry but it litterally won't be possible without upgrading the whole countries internet service to be on par with the rest of the world.

But I am happy to provide you with some tips to help you along the way. I would suggest plugins to assist with JavaScript and css optimization, reduce the number of Google fonts that are being loaded in from Google's servers, from what I gather from the source code of your site you are using WordPress so there are a number of plugins available to help with those. But you really have to do something about the size of that video.

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but because of the way the javascript exec time is measured it's not
is this a repost Nely?
Nely, the problem is auto play. Because the page isnt loaded completely until the video loads completely. It's not a streaming service where only a certain amount will buffer, it's a WordPress homepage and it loads the content as it reads the code and needs to load the content before it moves to the next line of code.
Execute on click, execute on scroll. Anything is better than on load
.... lazy load the video.
This is a repost?
The screengrabs others have provided and every test i have done from Australian servers for speed tests show under 3 seconds load time for your page. That said your issue is with your video. Host your video on Vimeo and you will see results much closer to what your hoping for.
There really is no excuse for a 17MB video on your homepage however. It needs optimising and then hosting on a dedicated video hosting site.
Run it on Alluxio
Not a great solution for web element optimisation, but it will speed up your request serves if your current hosting is serviced by mechanical drive or virtually hosted
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