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Margaret River WA 6285, Australia

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Wednesday, 1st Jun 2016
Require a camera operator (who can also record great lapel mic audio, and/or do proper audio sync up) to video an interview, then edit the video and then add cleared-music.
The video to be made is of a Christian poetry-prose writer. She is in her 80s. She is a lovely lady. Please treat her like gold.
You will need to be respectful of her time, her ideas and her fragility (she is unable to walk very well).
The job is: go to Cowaramup where she stays in a unit, interview the lady (proper lighting, proper sound and camera) from questions we provide; video interview her on 1080p, digitise your footage so that it stays in 1080p, and send me the footage either on a drive or USB or Dropbox to us.
This interview needs to showcase the lady as a strong woman who has lived her life standing strong in her faith despite her many challenges. It needs to show a life's journey, it needs to show how living in faith has made all the difference to this lady.

If you have a Canon 7D or 5D Mark III or a Black Magic or any 1080p minimum quality camera, on a tripod, and or with tracking capabilities, for fluid photography to keep what's on screen interesting, this job is for you. You will have to record proper audio, close microphone audio with no room-space (bad) audio. Proper lighting is a must. We'd like to see her slightly back-lit and with a warm light on her face. Any stylisation is freely up to you, but if you can add a gentle movement of camera (tracking) I would like to see that and appreciate that very much. Some exteriors of her home, and interiors of the general dressings of her place would be good as cutaways.

The interviewer asks questions from behind camera, and she answers to camera. Video-continue through emotional moments and crying and any catharsis of emotion she may display, as she probably will. Delivery will include: the source footage (video material file as 1080p).

This interview is primarily for the internet, but should be of a high enough standard to be TV=broadcastable.

The total amount of time you would probably be at her place interviewing her is about 2hrs. Efficiency would be good.

A video shooter in the area of Cowaramup or Busselton would be ideal. You are being paid for the interview videoing and delivery to me on dropbox.

In all instances copyright belongs to me and there are no restrictions as the use of the footage and its edited counterparts. You release all rights to us. You would need to have the lady sign a release form (which I will supply) when you see her. You will need to also sign a release form.

Thank you.

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