URGENT couple of issues setting up new Mac

Posted by Meagan C.


Manly Vale NSW 2093, Australia

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Wednesday, 27th Apr 2016
I have just bought a new Apple MacBook and I am having some issues with setting up my mail (POP vs IMAP).i think it is complicated by having two iCloud accounts. Also our time capsule isn't alternating with our other drive for back ups. I need someone to come between now and Wednesday pm please

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Is the old backup online? If the old backup is not visible it may need to be reconnected tp network as ip range may have changed with the new airport time capsule.

Had one large IMAP account that took around a week to sync.
Meagan C.poster
Thanks Peter, I have set the capsule up and it has already been backing up every hour however the other one hasn't backed up since the capsule was connected. I have been running two alternately for about 5 years and never had an issue til now but can't see how to configure it. And it doesn't appear to be the mail view, it just isn't there. Still coming through on my phone but on the laptop it is loading backwards from June 15. Very random.
Hi Meegan
The new apple time capsule will need to be setup before you can use it even if it is a replacement for another device. After setup you should the be able to access it with time machine and the backup schedule will need to be amended.
It will take time to sync depending how the size of the hotmail file. If you are using mac mail change the mail view option to show by date.
Meagan C.poster
Thanks Peter for the advice. I have hotmail and apple mail and I finally got the mail sending but the hotmail has been loading backwards from June 2015 for 36 hours now... Not sure why it isn't showing the last 9 months. And I have no browse option on time capsule. It is already set up as I was replacing a dud time capsule but it seems to have over ridden the other drive ( I had it backing up to two alternating)
Hi Meegan
If your mail account is supplied by internet provider then this is POP as the mail storage by ISP is limited. If you have a hosted mail account then you could use IMAP.

Both icloud accounts can be used if both have separate apple id but one will be primary which will limit function of second account.

For time machine backup on new mac - Click the Time Machine icon , press the Option key, then choose Browse Other Backup Disks to choose location and setup schedule.

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