Technical Help for TV, Antenna and Sonos Playbase

Posted by Bond L.



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Saturday, 9th Dec 2017
Hi All,

I need technical advice on the below:

I have a Samsung 65 inch TV with model DM65E which I would like to connect to a TV antenna and Sonos Playbase.

I have difficulties in locating the TV antenna, I don't think there is one and I was just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this.

The playbase requires an optic cable to be plugged into the TV, however I don't think the TV has this either. I am thinking of buying the below to solve the problem. Just need confirmation that I am doing the right thing. Thanks!!

Simplecom CM423 HDMI Audio Extractor 4K HDMI to HDMI+Optical SPDIF/3.5mm Stereo


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DM series are Displays/Monitors not TV's. There is no Antenna input as it isn't a TV. They have audio out but are 1.5mm, no optical Audio-output. Also No HDMI output only input.

Bond L.poster
hdmi optical audio converter. how can i solve this problem? Surely a display would have a way to connect the playbase.
So useless in other words
Bond L.poster
So is anything else possible or am I stuck with just display
Where are you located?
Bond L.poster
Ermington NSW, just need help through call or online. I need to know if I buy a Roku or set top box, it will address the two issues that i have thanks!
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