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Posted by Stephanie G.


Golden Grove SA 5125, Australia

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Saturday, 2nd Sep 2017
I want to learn how to ride a horse without whips or fear. I dont want to control the horse out of fear i want to build a relationship of respect and trust.

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She does that horsemanship stuff .. ??
Rider and horse as one ...
Were you can get them to lie down and stand on them and horse doesn't care. ... That sort of thing..
Where is she located?
Were in Regency Park
Can't help you if you don't have a horse.?? Unfortunately..
Steph I can get my wife to teach you if you like .?
She's done Dressage for 15yrs to Olympic levels with Gavin Chester .. Gold Medalist..
Taught at Riding for the Disabled for years also ..
She does private lessons and l can arrange for you both to meet if you like. ?
She'll teach you how to sit in saddle correctly and give direction without reins etc ..
Don't ask me I know nothing

She makes it look easy ...

Regards Johnny.
Hey John!! Can you please text me on the number below?? Just i can get on to airtaskee during work and i would love to talk more!! :)
Could you please text me??
Do u have your own horse?
No i dont :)
I only currently have show ponies. But if you have a horse suitable or can lend one I'm happy to teach you :)
Do u have your own horse??
What do u want to learn???
My misses and I have horses and have experience in braking horses into saddle and teaching how to ride.
I can recommend instructors in your area (Ty Zoontjens)
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