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Saturday, 23rd Jun 2012
We need people to take pictures of things like couches, dressers, etc. that people have abandoned on the side of the street using our app, Gomi.

Gomi is based on the idea that if you see an abandoned item, you whip out your iPhone, take a picture of it and it goes onto a big map. Then anyone nearby who needs that item can come claim it for free.

We need you to take pictures of items that you see. You can do it in your spare time, e.g. on your walk home from work. It takes about 1 minute to set up an account, and 30 seconds to list an item.

You can take as long as you like to complete this task, so you don't have to set aside any time for it, just snap an abandoned item whenever you see one.


(1) Download the app from [Content Moderated]
(2) Create an account, and click the confirmation link.
(3) When you see an abandoned item like a couch, load the app and list the item.

We would like you to snap a total of five items.

Anywhere in Sydney is fine.

(NB: iPhone only at the moment)

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Would have done it for free too, but only in Android...
I'm off to Sydney Sat. Just got the app. Will see what I can find
Thomas A.poster
Hey Chris, thanks for the compliments on the app!

Ah, so that's how Airtasker make their money...I thought the $5 went entirely you to the task runner. Good to know.

And hey, thanks for listing items for free! :)
This is the first AirTasker job I wanted to do, but I get this ...."If you’re assigned as the Runner for this task, you’ll earn $5 and you will be charged by Airtasker a fee of $2.25 (that’s $2.75 for you)"

My response ? Stuff it, I'll do it for free within a week.

Thomas A.poster
Awesome, Chris, yeah, we think our app is far easier than using freecycle etc. :)
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