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Wednesday, 13th Jun 2012
Very easy quick cash for wordsmith $15 to summaries 500 words. Need to make sense and understand what you are working about. Just need you to reword, shorten the paragraph and rewrite sentence.

Questions are:

Q. How do you suggest a company deals with business process changes? What should managers do? (be specific)

A. In a situation where changes affects the business processes of a company, management will need to inform all staff members that will be influenced by those changes as well as get themselves up to speed on what the changes actually are. Furthermore staff may be required to undergo training for the new system which means that management will need to schedule a timetable that would most effectively train staff while maintaining current business operations.

Management also needs to swiftly report any issues that they encounter with a new change so that it may be rectified as fast as possible by either the businesses team or a third party team that is working on the system.

Q. If change is made, what will happen with current employees? Will they need to be sent to trainings, will some lose jobs, will new staff need to be recruited? Explain why?

A. Coca Cola Enterprise is a large enterprise but they may need to be trained in using the new systems. The managers may need to be more educated on the new implementations of the systems so they can train the other employees. They need to plan and set up training programs. Alternatively the business can recruit more employees that have knowledge and experience in using the new implementations so they can quickly start running the system and maybe train the current employees on how to use the new system(updating their availability and booking contractors). Current employees can be trained on how to manage more of the advanced functions(such as adding/modifying/deleting products/customer records, coding skills, etc.) of new e-commerce website or they could recruit more advanced web designers.

Q. If changes are made will nature of communication with customers, suppliers and business partners need to change? Explain.

A. The communication with customers, suppliers and business partners will need some change with the implementation of the new system. The company will have to notify their current customers(if the customer has opted for it, when they first made a booking) of the changes along with steps on how to use the e-commerce website. The customers will also be able to communicate with the business in many ways through email, social networking technologies, phone and the website. They should also advertise the changes and how to use the online booking through their local newspaper and social technologies such as Facebook and Twitter to attract more customers. Boat Cruises' business partners should also be notified and about the changes through face-to-face meetings, e-mail, eNews because they need to be prepared with the potential increase in online customer bookings. The frequency in which Boat Cruises communicate local motels and tour agencies will be significantly increased because of their bigger online presence.

The communication with customers will change the new system as customers will be able to go on the company e-commerce website, book for a boat tour/event by typing in the booking details such as, date, time and type of event, bundles, etc, and also their personal details such as name, last name, date of birth. Finally, the customer will enter payment details and submit the booking. They do not need to use phone, e-mail or Facebook to book their tour/events anymore.
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Hi again, apologies for posting the comment incomplete. I was going to state that it is past your due date and the task has not been assigned, therefore I am open to assisting tonight if required.
Hi there,

I have over 2 years experience in copywriting and come from a strong background in Marketing.
I can have this to you by 11pm AEST today (14th June)
Ok, I've summarised it. How do I get it to you? You'll need to give me your email maybe or I could just post it here.
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