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Chapel Hill QLD 4069, Australia

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Tuesday, 10th May 2016
I have a concentrated patch of nutgrass that I want eradicated. The area is +-5sq mt and has a few small Westringias growing inbetween the nutgrass. I want someone to spray the area with Sedgehammer or Sempra.

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Evelyn H.poster
Thanks Daniel. I was hoping that a local weed control contractor who uses Sempra/Sedgehammer/Nutbuster would reply. 1.3gm of product covers 100sq mt and these products are sold in 25gm (or more) sizes. I could buy Sempra 25gm myself for $49.95 from a local produce store and apply it at 1.3gm per 10lt but thought that a local contractor may be available for such a small area. Thanks for replying. I see that you have good reviews and will keep you in mind for other jobs.
Nut grass can get to 1m deep and just keeps coming back.
yhe sempra only kills to THE closest bulb and then the bulb sends Another shoot
And depending on how thick the nutgrass is growing will depend on the success rate.
If its only a few sprouts it will work.
But if its really thick even if you pluck all the tops off and then spray.
the area will need to be treated on a fortnightly basis for 6 weeks.
Or a heavy / thick plastic like builders plastic after spraying then cover thst with your choice of ground cover.
The bottle of sempra is $64 on its own! Are you suplying it?
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