Spot weld aluminium bracket

Posted by Simon U.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Wednesday, 20th Dec 2017
I have a small bracket in cast aluminum that is broken, and they are no longer produced and impossible to get second hand.

Need to get it spot welded, it's 6cm long, and will probably only need 4 spots.

15 Sec job for someone with a tig.
Located in Camberwell, but have a car and am willing to travel to get this fixed.

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I’m going to be honest I don’t think it’s possible. I have a tig welder and I’ve welded alloy with it. Being cast alloy I really don’t know it it will weld. I mainly weld stainless or mild steel.
Do you have a photo of the part that needs fixing
Simon U.poster
Hi Paul, please see attached photo. Easiest spot I think would be on the same side as mu fingers are in this photo. It does not have to be pretty, as the welds will be then be hidden when mounted.
Anything stronger then JB-Weld will do.
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