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Monday, 30th Jul 2012
Thought I should re-write my task to make it a bit clearer :)

I need an adult website set up - read on for more info.

Note, I am not an escort, nor do I meet any people - it is purely an online fantasy relationship between myself and the submissive person at the other end. (I am the "bossy" one!).

Currently I have friendly style email relationships with these people, and they do whatever online tasks I set them for example, and they may send a photo or letter to prove they have completed their activities.

I want to expand this into a website now, where people pay to choose a task (eg, 1 task might cost $10 or something like that). I also want to have a facility where the people pay to chat live with me when I am online. They basically are paying for my time in my role play.

I need it set up from scratch, the website, domain name, a chat facility, some way of them paying me etc. There will be also some online selling of just a few items, erotic stories, a few toys etc.

I am not very techno, and need to do this on the cheap end of the scale. (not an expensive hosting program or domain name).

Please use simple techno english if you need to know more.

The money is unknown - I dont know what you would charge, but I had to put a figure in the box.

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I have a similar business model in mind and am interested in developing them together. To get a prototype up and running will only take $200. From then on it should be self funded.
I could do something like this, but a pay per minute chat facility would cost upwards of $1000, on top of the rest of the website.

I think I can work something of a way around that, though, so that you could have private chat conversations in a restricted content area of the website.

How do your clients pay you at the moment?
Oh, never mind, thought it was a business selling stuff.
@Alexander 1500$? I would not go lower than 2500$! Keep the market healthy! (:
I have done adult sites before. Base cost in what you are looking for is about $1500 and that is on the low end.
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