Sequence christmas lights - computer work

Posted by Rod A.



Due date
Friday, 2nd Dec 2016
Please read carefully. What i need is someone to spend 3 days working on a project. What you will be doing is running a WINDOWS app called vixen 3 (please look it up). I will be sending you the configuration files and 5-6 songs on Monday night. But you can start playing with the program whenever. You will be sequencing Christmas lights in the display I have set up to be in time with the music. There are various beat detection algorithsm built in - but its a matter of doing it manually across the display in the relevant segments. This will be adding on to the ones I have done. It will take realistically 16 hours to do this plus the learning tme on the program. It isnt hard but takes time. You will need some aptitude for computers though, and a reasonably large monitor.

I need the stuff back on Friday this week please (PM ok). I will be sending files via dropbox. If you need to ask what that is, this isnt the job for you.

You will also be putting moving text and some animated gifs onto a 'pixel matrix'. This is all done in the app.

Please read up on it - check some youtube videos for ideas and reply if interested.
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