Sell 16 size N batteries

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Friday, 5th Jan 2018
I have 16 size N batteries i would like to see if an individual can assist me selling them. They are fresh from manufacturer. Problem i think is that they are an unknown brand called TG POWER.
Kiya K.
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What are these batteries typically used for?

I run a retail store - specialises in art hobbies. might be able to help you out
10 months ago
Kierra H.
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I am a experienced seller, and marketer. I can advertise your ad to a potential sale!

Ill just need a small brief description emailed to me, with some pictures and then i can do my part.

I guarantee;

A revamped blurb, that fully appeals to the eye,  and detailed to perfection.

I advertise on multiple sites that i have 100% ratings on because i do this for other clients as well as myself and i have done for the past 7 years.

I will bump, share and repost for 1 week, although it may not take this long to sell!

I can; deal with potential buyers until it comes down to the day they want to look and purchase, then thats up to you :) or i can allow you to do all dealing with potential buyers.  - This is a option due to the amount of responses that sometimes aren't even interested, or the late night early morning calls ect.

If this suits assign me and lets get started! :)
10 months ago
I buy and use size N batteries regularly...they are less than $1 each retail.
Kevin C.poster
Thank you!
Kevin C.poster
Would you like to purchase all 16 batteries for $20?
Why would someone want to buy 16 batteries for $20 when they can buy 16 for less than $16?
Kevin C.poster
Batteries must not sell for less than 3.25 each=break even point for me.
Hi Kev, I can get batteries for $1

What makes these batteries worth $3.25?
Kevin C.poster
Whoops sorry. The break even point includes free postage and i just recalculate to 3.10/battery. Of course postage is only charged once even if multiple purchased. I should of said 2.10 + 1 postage. I have to factor in the $20 i pay you. Thanks guys
Kevin C.poster
Difficult to sell this brand! No one has heard of it!
Kevin C.poster
Kevin C.poster
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