Sand down bay window frame to prep for shutters

Posted by Bop L.


Footscray VIC, Australia

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Sunday, 20th Aug 2017

We are getting plantation shutters installed for our bay window. However the window furnishing company has said that they will need to install the shutters outside the frame, unless we even out the bottom frame of the bay window.

We are looking for an experienced carpenter who can sand down the bottom frame of our bay window so we can get the plantation shutters to install evenly inside the window frame. The bottom frame is only slightly uneven.

I can send through pictures tomorrow morning. Please let me know if you need more information.

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Bop L.poster
This is the bump in the bottom frame. Whole bottom frame to be sanded to be even with the top frame.
Hi Bop. Thanks for sending those photos. These photos are great and I can see exactly what they are planning and it's not correct.

The reason that they have drawn marks on the tape is because they are planning on fitting 3 separate frames inside your window. One shutter for each part of the window. This will mean that yes the shutters will sit a tiny tiny bit uneven, but, this is NOT the correct way to install a bay window.

How do they plan on blocking the gaps between each shutter?

The correct way to fit to a bay window is to have the shutter made as one complete piece with 135 degree bay window posts. This means the shutter frame is all one piece for the whole window and there will be no gaps between each. This also means that regardless of any inconsistencies (especially your tiny bump) the shutter blades will be all be level with one another because they are all sitting within the one frame.

Any little light gap caused from your little bump can be caulked later. We never ever ask people to alter their windows.

I honestly feel as though they are not being perfectionists, but instead taking the cheapest and easiest option on their part.
Bop L.poster
Thanks so much Joe for your advice. We thought it odd too that this slight unevenness would prevent the shutters from being installed inside the frame and they gave us the option of installing it out the frame which is less desirable from my point of view. apparently because of the unevenness of the bottom frame, if the shutters are installed inside the frame, the blades would noticeably line up unevenly across the window. I've attached the pic of the window and a close up of the bottom frame. Perhaps this company is being perfectionists, but either way I want the shutters to be within the frame and so looks like the only option is to sand down the frame...
Hi Bop, I unfortunately can't help you with sanding your window, but I am a plantation shutter installer who has installed countless shutter panels over the last 8 years.

I am not sure why you would be asked to alter your window. I have never required this from a customer regardless of the condition of the window. It sounds to me like a lazy installer.

Feel free to post a few pictures if you would like a second opinion.
Thanks, Joe.
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