Rubbish removal

Posted by Chris V.


Oak Flats NSW 2529, Australia

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To be done on
Friday, 18th Aug 2017
need old lounge takin away asap 3seater 2 recliners
I can easilh remove these for you. It will take me two or three trips as i would strap them to my roof an tame them to the tip. $50 is too low as i woould need to cover my petrol annd tip fees. Can do today if youd like.
Hi Chris, I called the tip, they quoted $110 or can go over weigh bridge at 350 a ton, so if they are not very heavy say 200kg would be around $70. , either way a bloody rip off!
Hi Chris, can do for you on Wednesday, unfortunately tip fees would probably be around $100, but will confirm, did a lounge a few weeks ago and cost me $50.
Chris V.poster
no problem let me know thanks
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