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Review our website, Criticise, give suggestions

Posted by Mike P.



Due date
Saturday, 19th Aug 2017
Note: this task is reposted as the project was delayed.

We are about to launch the online portal to sell tiles, granite, wall cladding, pavers, mosaic etc.

I need someone to look at the content, functionalities and user interface.

You will have to browse the content, get a feel for the interface, homepage add products to cart and quote (we have quotation cart and shopping cart).

Provide me your feedback, tell me if you find any errors, give me suggestion how we can improve and all your hard critics.

Ideally, need a diversity of people WITH and WITHOUT relevant industry background. (trade professionals, some one who has built home, architect student, website developer - you have to be a picky and tough critic!)

to save your time, rather than creating a report or type big email (you can do that if you want), you make notes as you go through the website and we can just organize a call and you tell me all negative things you find. Or I will suggest an online tool that you can use to make comments. I am flexible with anything that works for you - as far as it is not Mac based! Anything that works on windows should be fine.
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