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Tuesday, 29th Jan 2013

I am in Los Angeles and am looking to drive up Highway 1 on February 4th.

The thing is I am after an "exotic" car as they call them here and I turn 21 ON February 4th!

Basically my budget is $1200US. I need to pick up the car before I leave Los Angeles at 5am so would be good to get the keys the previous day at 7pm. Car will be returned at about 3pm at San Francisco Airport.

I have already done my research and found plenty of companies with nice cars in the budget. However they don't talk about the extras such as drop off in another city and my young age increase for the insurance (being under 25).

Car wise I would be happy with in order of priority high to low:

1. Porsche 911 Carrera S
2. Any Lamborghini past year 2003
3. Any Ferrari past year 1998
4. Any Aston Martin past 2005
5. If all else fails... BMW 6 Series Convertible

I sent out an eMail to rental companies and no one got back to me. I don't have time to call so was hoping I could get someone to call for me! This was the eMail I sent out the places:

"Hi how are you going?

I am in Los Angeles on business for a couple of days and need to travel from there to San Francisco on the 4th of February. I would rather go by car to get some sightseeing in and enjoy the drive.

I have some questions though, the first is if you offer pick up in Los Angeles and drop off in San Francisco.

The second is that I turn 21 years old on the 4th of February, could you please let me know the extra cost for insurance or if this is in your policy and if I can pick it up on the afternoon of the 3rd or at midnight as I have to leave Los Angeles at 5am (drop off around 3pm San Francisco Airport)

Thank you very much and thanks for your time,


If you could just look up on google something like exotic car rental california/san francisco/los angeles and give them a call to find out the details and if they allow this and a price quote (if they could give you a reference number that I can then ring up and book) that would be brilliant.

Please also factor in that I will be driving approx 350miles in the car too!

Please only propose to do this if you are confident and prepared to ring around approx 10 companies for multiple quotes and making sure they accept pickup in Los angeles, drop off in san francisco, are fine with my 21 year old age, can give me the car before 5am on the 4th of February and the miles fit in my budget.



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Hey Daniel, do you still need someone to help you out with this? I see that the task is due today, but not sure if your quoting US date? Anyway, let me know when the hard cut off that you need this done by and if its feasible Ill bid on the task. Thanks, Jamie
Dan A.poster
All good I'm sorry too! Yes laws are crazy. I would never lend a 21 year old I don't know my car! Haha. I suppose everything is insured so it's all good. Thank you very much for the advice Emma I will definitely look into that. :)
I've driven all over the U.S. Be sure to use your gold or platinum card if you have one to pay for the car, this will cover you for collision damage waiver, which will decrease your costs even further.
My apologies Daniel, wow the laws are so lenient over in the US I have driven in the US from California to Vegas.
Dan A.poster
The only issues are as mentioned in the ad:

Making sure they accept pickup in Los angeles, drop off in san francisco, are fine with my 21 year old age, can give me the car before 5am on the 4th of February, can provide any of the cars mentioned and the miles fit in my budget.

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