Remove wool insulation in one section of roof

Posted by Victor M.


Kew, Victoria, Australia

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Friday, 15th Dec 2017
hi, just had evaporative heater installed. hoping to remove dust from roof so would like wool insulation removed and roof vacuumed. access is available through upstairs room. roof cavity about 2.5 m x 6m. relatively new extension so pretty tidy and straight forward


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Victor M.poster
Phone number not permitted. Please email me your questions and i will get back to you. My son suffers with OCD - germ phobia. The new evaporative system is giving off a smell and he thinks it is the dust in the roof - therefore all insulation out and dust vacuumed up. I am sure it will still smell for a while but it will overcome his germ problem. The roof is accessible by largish man hole - they took all the tubing through it for installation. Regards vic
Victor M.poster
Hi Joel,
I wasn't able to find a phone number for you. Happy to provide more information to see if the job is okay for you.
I can be contacted on If i am unable to pick up I will be able to call back within the hour Thanks Vic
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