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Posted by Nathan S.


Kelvin Grove QLD, Australia

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Friday, 21st Sep 2018
Existing downpipe runs down the face of a timber post. Am needing to rotate 90 degrees and run down adjacent face of post and spread onto existing roof. Some additional materials will be required to make this happen
  • must be able to compete prior friday cob

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I have time before lunch if it’s ok to pop over now what’s the suburb

Nathan S.poster
Nice one.
Hey mate is it alright to pop over now I’m about a 30 minute drive away
Nathan S.poster
Yep sounds good.
Hey Nathan if you would pay for materials I would be more than happy to come take a look

Nathan S.poster
And the other side.
Too easy mate I have about a metre length in the car we can use is there any chance you have a ladder ?
Nathan S.poster
Yep have an A frame but not sure it can get you way up top n access from verandah and side structural beams off low roof. If you wanna take a look I’m at 37 Park Street. Otherwise I’m happy for you to go for it. Thinking today? Can meet you there just give me 10 to get home when it suits.
Hi Nathan,can u send a picture and drawing of what is required
Nathan S.poster
Hi Dean... thanks for the response. Image attached. existing downpipe location... basically want to spin it around to the side
Nathan S.poster
This is the other side...
Nathan S.poster
I have some connecting pieces and some brackets which you may be able to use.
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