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Posted by Phil L.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Friday, 15th Dec 2017
I'm looking to be filmed on a stage speaking so that I can use some of the footage in my Speaker Showreel.
I estimate about an hour of filming will be required.
Must have 2 cameras, proper lighting etc.
I will change outfits to make it look like I am speaking at different events..
I do not have a stage available so u will need to have access to one or be able to shoot in an environment that looks like one.
I'm in Sydney.

No offers were made on this task.
Just to hire a stage is $300 and the after that lightings and two cameras and so on the setup is same if you do one hour or eight hour film but from my experience for professional video graphy that's one hour you need at least 3 hour of filming cause you need to edit cut and trim the film to look wonderful and the editing it self can take hours.
What could be fair price for such act.
It's over $1000.
Phil L.poster
What do u feel is a fair price?
The price is very low for task your looking after.
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