Procrastination research analysis

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Wednesday, 30th May 2012
(*this report is not for a school, college, or university. )

Need someone to write a review analysis on procrastination and therapy models and their effectiveness. Will be favourable if the person has some sort of psychology, medicine or personal development background, Pls write your relevant skills/background experience on this on the wall, and your plan if you know this area of research well.

Report needs to cover :
1. Psychological or environmental differences between high procrastinating and low procrastinating individuals. (20%)
2. Summary of available (legitimate) treatment systems (at least 8) and their effectiveness. (40%)
3. Appendix of treatment systems (pt 2) in detail (40%)

All work needs to be referenced, and bonus is provided for person-person research. (i.e. interviewing a psychologist,or a successfully treated patient)
Researched items may be sourced from NLP, personal development, or religious programs as well as more legitimate primary research psychology journals.

Estimated time needed to produce report is 1-10hrs.

*this report is not for a school, college, or university.

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I'll think about it.
Currently studying developmental psychology (so I can certainly give it a go as I know exactly where to go and experience writing academic papers) but I have my exams in a month so they are my number one priority. So how soon do you need it done by? I can get started on mid/late June
I think I'll bid later
John N.poster
@sarahH, Time spent, page length, price and bonuses are negotiable (just put a bid and a comment) Part 3 is just a ctrl-C anyway. Cheers
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