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PODCAST PILOT - ANY two people (about 1-2 hours)

Posted by Andrew G.



Due date
Monday, 11th Dec 2017
I need two participants for a pilot of a new podcast. Ideally you are funny, interesting, not shy ... basically just outgoing - this is radio, right?

The premise is: You will be connected with a stranger (not me), and I will ask questions for you to ask the other participant. Nothing too strange, an example is "If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would you invite?".

The host (myself) will mostly stay out of the discussion. Remember, we can edit out silent bits, so take your time.

The idea behind the questions is to create a discorse, so you and the audience can learn about each other.

Talk to the other participant, learn about them, and get paid for it!

Looking for two participants!

Must be available for 1-2 hours

Must email a release form

Must have Skype (video NOT required)
Project Summary
Fully Allocated
Fully Allocated

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ill download skype rip some bongs and talk **** for awile
Andrew G.poster
Alright Joshua, hit the button and join us! The other participant is standing by waiting to talk.
Hi Andrew,
I'd be very interested in helping out. I'm an outgoing person and I've got radio experience having hosted a radio show.
A funny italian can partecipate?
Andrew G.poster
Absolutely, it's about getting two people together to get to know each other.
Andrew G.poster
Unfortunately I am not going to be available tomorrow, sorry Marco. If you have an hour right now, that will be fine by me!
Hi there, I would gladly help
Andrew G.poster
Hey Saskia, welcome aboard!
$8.50 for 2 hours work???
No don't be silly!
He is offering $8.50 for 3 - 4 hours work.
I know of children in slave camps working for more.
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