Phone interview - about job hunting - 15'

Posted by Lyn V.



Due date
Monday, 7th Sep 2015
(I have another post requiring longer interview, this one is a shorter interview - 15')

I'm looking for interviewees to talk about your previous job hunting experience.
Call duration: 15' (phone or through AirTasker Call) - provided you speak at reasonable speed, clear speech and quality content.

Looking for people who have tried to look for work on job boards (like Seek, CareerOne, ...) - preferably in the last 3 years.

In your bid, please write briefly how many times have you used these job boards in the recent time. Thanks.

PREFERRED INTERVIEW TIME: This Friday, Saturday 5th Sep, Sun 6th Sep or Monday 7th Sep (will send you a link to book interview time) - on the phone/or AirTasker Call. Thanks.
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I have utilized all of the well known job boards over the last few years and will be able to contribute effectively to the research
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