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Tuesday, 26th Jun 2012
Laugh it up. :p But here's the deal: I've been a "nice guy" all my life and I want to rough myself up a bit. Get a bit rebellious. Hang out with the wrong crowds. Become more of a bad boy. I'm looking to change and grow as a person out of the nice guy mould i've been in most of my life and into something less conservative, etc.

So where can I find such people without joining some criminal organisation or whatever?

No I'm not looking for dangerous drug addicts or criminals, but just some people a lot less "nice" and a lot less conservative to what I'm used to, to hang out with that will help me see the world a little differently. I suppose I just want a new & different crowd of friends.

But very important: they need to be people willing to welcome a "newbie" and help me grow as a person. To such people I'll probably be something of a loser, but these people need to be able to not treat me like a loser - instead just help me to grow and change. As weird as this might sound, perhaps even mentor me.

The $100 I'm prepared to pay is for the introduction to such a person or group of people. The task is considered complete after I've been welcomed by such a group or person, not just introduced to them.

That said, if necessary, I'm prepared to pay such people or person for the experience/mentoring/whatever you want to call it. But that's not the ideal situation. The right people really should be willing to enjoy the ride, not be doing it for the money.

If you are this sort of person or can help me find such people, then please get in touch.

Also, if you think you're the right person for this task, but you want more for it, feel free to bid higher if you want. For the right result, I'm not too fussed about the price, within reason. It's more about attitude and motivation.


UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the suggestions. A few more thoughts after having talked with a few people about this.

Who's seen the Fast and Furious movies? In at least two of those there was a new guy coming into the crowd, and he found it hard to fit in for whatever reason and didn't really get accepted into the crowd until after one of the experienced guys kinda took him under his wing and helped him fit in - eg the asian guy that taught the new guy in town how to drift in the Tokyo Drift movie. i think that's kinda what i'm looking for here. i'm the new guy who needs the experienced guy to take me under his wing i reckon.

But also understand, this is going to be unfamiliar territory for me, so i'll be uncomfortable and probably awkward at first. So I need someone(s) who are/is going to see past that, help me overcome it, etc. and not get bored or be embarrassed to call me their friend or whatever.

Look at this another way perhaps. Here's a scenario: You're a girl, you keep dating the bad boys despite the fact that they keep abusing you. You really want a bad boy who will treat you right. The nice guys will treat you right but they're boring. So you keep dating the bad boys thinking you'll be the one to change them. You'll be the one that this particular bad boy will be different for. Of course he's not and you wind up abused or mistreated again, and then you go cry on your nice guy best friend's shoulder. I'm that nice guy. But here's one important difference between the nice guys and the bad boys. The bad boys DON'T WANT to be changed. But some of the nice guys do want to change. Not change our values or who we are, but grow and change our shortcomings (and being boring is one of those). So I'm the nice guy who's looking for the nice girl who instead of thinking "I'm the girl who can chance this bad boy into someone respectful and good" instead she's able to think: "I'm the girl who can change this nice guy into someone more confident, not boring, and the kind of alpha male i'd love to date, without him being an abusive bad boy.

That said, it doesn't have to be a girlfriend or even a girl who helps me here, but that's just one example that might work. ;)


A couple more details: I suppose for social settings age is sometimes relevant, so here's mine: I'm 29, but in a lot of ways, due to my sheltered upbringing etc. I'm immature for my age. I find myself perfectly capable of associating with people of all ages from late teens even up to late 30's and beyond. My last three remotely serious girlfriends were 35, 18 and 23 respectively.


UPDATE 25/6:

To everyone who commented and made suggestions on this task. I'm sorry I haven't replied before now. My work and a couple of other things all went crazy in the last week or so and I just haven't had the time to even think about this.

Some comments:

1. Some of you are just smartasses being funny. All good thanks for making me laugh.

2. Some of you offered advice along the lines of "Dave, you don't want to do this, just be happy with who you are." I appreciate the thought, thanks. But let me clarify: I *am* happy with who I am. This task really isn't about me changing who I am (although I appreciate the title is perhaps misleading. I need to rethink that). The task is really about meeting new people - but specifically, the sort of people I don't normally associate with and wouldn't know where to find, but ideally in a safe, responsible manner - to broaden my horizons and outlook on life.

3. Some of you are offering me training or courses or therapy etc. Thank you for the suggestions, although for what it's worth, I've been there, done that and I more or less know all the theory - well some of it. But that's not really the point. Again, I'm really just looking to meet new people. See point 2.

3. For those offering help in actually meeting new people, thank you. To you again I apologise that I've been unable to respond until now, but I'm also unable to take any action any time soon due to certain parts of my life suddenly getting outrageously busy. I think because the task has expired I now can't assign it to anyone, however I'll repost the task at some point, perhaps explained better, and hopefully we can connect again through that.

Thanks again to all!
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why don't you buy a motorcycle and join a forum. Bad enough for you?
Yup all good ;) Have shared my info in good faith in the hope this is exactly what Dave needs. My info changed my life for the better and I'm grateful for the people that were so caring to make my experiences so wonderful.
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