Need a Sub 1-hour Runner for City2Surf

Posted by Rez S.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Sunday, 13th Aug 2017
I have a bet with a colleague which involves me beating his time in City2Surf run this weekend.

His previous time is at 1 hour, and he is looking to be finishing City2Surf at sub 1 hour this weekend.

Unfortunately, I am not a runner, and this bet was completely out of ego. However things have now escalated to a point where he simply has to be beaten.

Therefore, I need someone whom I can give my running Bib to, and they can run the race in an hour or less. I know sub 60 minute times are harder, so the payment would be scalable at the number of minutes under an hour you finish at, subject to the results being announced.

No offers were made on this task.
Isn't there a Simpsons episode based on this sernario . Why not get a false moustache and taxi ... hahahaha
I'll out run your friend
Good luck! I see a gap in the market for a service like this to let blowhards like you win their bets! Remember to put bib back on at finish line for the photos as proof!
hells yes. this has to be one of the best tasks ive ever seen.
I know a guy that could go well under. I just flicked him a message. Hope he pulls through for you - this is ******* funny.
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