Moving a Fish Tank and cabinet.

Posted by Andrew R.


Coromandel Valley, South Australia, Australia

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Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017
There is a fish tank that needs to be moved from Christies Beach to Coromandel Valley, google maps says the drive is 25 min. The tank is 65x65x125 and the cabinet is [Content Moderated] both are very heavy. There is a staircase at Christies Beach and a difficult driveway at Coromandel Valley. At each location there will be someone willing to help out, and if there's an extra seat in the car Steve, the guy at Christies can come to help out at the Coromandel Valley house if need be.

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Hi Andrew, when you need this done ?
Dimensions and weight is fine. Got Ute Available and I can bring my partner along for extra help also. When you need this done ?
What may be the weight of both ?
Andrew R.poster
Sorry I missed the notifications, the sooner the better. I have no clue why airtasker moderated the size of the cabinet, it's
Andrew R.poster
are you kidding.
Andrew R.poster
the width of this fine cabinet is 64.
The endearing height is one hundred and six.
the length by appropriate approximation is one hundred and twenty nine
Cabinet size ?
When would you like done
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