Mount TV to brick firewall, conceal cables

Posted by Marshal M.


Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

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Monday, 11th Dec 2017
I would like my tv mounted to the fireplace. I already have a mount and drilled the holes. The only thing I need help with now, is concealing the cables somehow. The box with the electronics will sit next to the fireplace, and there is a power socket next to it. The fireplace has the chimney cavity which could be used maybe, or somehow conceal behind the wooden trimming. Not sure.

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Hi marshal
This is easily accomplished the only issue is that the fireplace appears to be asbestos lined.
Anyone drilling this will cause it to be disturbed. I can complete this task and have the asbestos removed.
Or we can use cable duct on the exterior of the column not as pretty but possibly easier in this case
Hmmm. How much added effort would that be? Ideally I would not want to see any cable ducts.
Do you have a picture?
I've added pictures.
So you want the wire to pass throw fireplace and come out of the brick wall next to the power bracket?
Or pass throw the fire place and come out of the fireplace under the shelf and hide under the shelf and come to the peer bracket ?
Ideally I would like it to come out under the shelf closest to the power socket.
Hi Marshal, if the fireplace isn't being used you can just do two more holes (bigger bore) through the bricks. One beside the box and one between the wall mount holes and run them relatively easily I would imagine - hope that helps 👍 John.
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