Measure, Cut & Install 4 x Privacy Glass Windows

Posted by Tristan T.


Watsonia, Victoria, Australia

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Due date
Friday, 1st Sep 2017
Looking for a glazier to measure cut & install 4 x windows with privacy/frosted glass.
Window frame constructed and external side quad already installed, would require succeful applicant to temporarily fix glass in place with out damaging frames or install other side of quad.
Windows roughly measure
Window 1 - ~ 2450x390mm
Window 2 - ~ 2450x390mm
Window 3 - ~ 3630x390mm
Window 4 - ~ 2450x350mm
Experinced glazier required
Non glaziers need not apply

I dont currently have any photos with the LOSP & Quad installed as the window frame but can get this afternoon.

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Good morning Tristan
I can get stock sheets at 3660x2440 so will be able to do them in full pieces no butt join required. Are them sizes accurate?
I will get a price for 10.38 frosted laminate for the sizes supplied.
Thanks Matty
All clear glass and aluminium
Hi Matthew, sorry for the late reply. The sizes are fairly accurate but you will need to do a final measure yourself otherwise sounds good if you can get me a price?
Good morning Tristan sorry for late reply.
Price per M2 10.38 white translucent
$295 Total M2=13. Price is supply and install.
Thanks Matty
All clear glass and aluminium
Thanks Matt so to clarify the total of your offer is about $4000? I calculate ~4.4 square meters? Not 13?? So would it be $1300 supplied and fitted? I'm having a glazier come past on Wednesday to quote so I'll keep you posted thanks
OK thanks will ring supplier tomorrow and get a price. Pity the longer is 3630. But will measure myself . 4 mm frosted white. 1 join in long one. Quote will be supply, fit and labour.
Won't be as much as you are allowing.
Cheers Garry
Tristan I would not use a timber frame on that height. It would make the opening 60mm. narrower . let alone using pine. A metal flashing colourbond to form as a weather seal and to hold glass. And just a timber as a jamb inside to take arcs. I'm not home but when home will sketch a detail for you.
The LOSP and Quad has already been installed by the chippy I understand what your saying but I have the other half of the quad already to frame the glass into position
Hi Garry, I have updated the sizes and added some extra photos of the window frames
The join would be in white silicone to match frosted glass, see about 2mm join.
Yeah thats fine better than an additional window frame needed
Yes 3.600 is max size has to be joined. My problem is, not knowing if there is a lintel above the opening. To stop it from sagging, second picture looks as if its bowing top and bottom.
The bowing is more likely from the blue board as it was out of level with the frame which has since been cut to suit the window frame since the photo heres another photo (iadded to the description) from the outside before sheeting was completed. Side note I dont currently have any photos with the LOSP & Quad installed as the window frame but can get this afternoon.
Lastly how noticable is a join in privacy/frosted glass?
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