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Posted by Kris R.


Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

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Tuesday, 25th Sep 2018
I'm looking for a well set up person who can make aprons for me in mostly small quantities but on the odd occasion quite large quantities so an all rounder with pattern making, cutting equipment and button holing.

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Kris R.poster
Kris R.poster
Mr & Miss Hospitality Suite 33, Level 4, 301 Castlereagh Street Haymarket we open at 10am to 5pm
Hi Kris
Still interested?
Kris R.poster
I'm available Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm excluding when I'm out visiting clients on the odd occasion.
Hi Kris
Great I will be in the city Monday where can I find you?
Kris R.poster
Hi Sandro,
Not sure what the going rate is so I thought I start at $25.00 let me know what your rate is.

I do have quite a few patterns to start with but when I design a new style I will need a pattern made up. I don't have a constant need for them only when a client comes to me for a quote and what I sell in our shop. Fabrics can come directly to you or if you have contacts for fabrics it may help.

A face to face meeting would be good if that can be arranged.

Hi Kris
I can definitely help you.
Let me know how we can organise a meeting?
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