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Springwood, QLD

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Saturday, 17th Aug 2013
Hi guys,

I am in need of some fast flash animation work for a presentation.

Here is what I need.

Scene 1:

A koala bear up a gum tree chewing some leaves.

zoom in to the koala's ear and show a flashing tag (tracker tag)

zoom out and koala climbs down the tree.

Scene 2:

This is a birds eye view of a road with some tracker boxes.

A tracker box is a black square with a light and information. More details later.

The koala will walk in random directions over the road and back causing the tracker boxes to flash and pick up information.

The tracker box.

This box will basically look like a square black box with a light on top. There will be 6 of these boxes, three on each side of the road. I will need for the box to give off a 360 degree wave of signal that fades out as it gets further away, when signals cross, this should be the maximum distance.

When the koala is near one of the tracker boxes. It will read information in a small text box next to each box every ten seconds:
"Koala 8 is present."
When the koala leaves the range of a box, the box will no longer pop up with koala 8 present.

For more information please message me!

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