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Posted by Khaysan K.


Newstead QLD 4006, Australia

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Friday, 25th Aug 2017

I have an old book that I would like made into a audio so it can be listened too.

So not only would I need the recording done but I was also need whoever can record it, to actually read the book.


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How much would you say Ben?
I will calculate an estimate now.
I'm sorry but it's not cheap.

Accessing recording equipment: $50

Reading - 2:10 minutes/per page
Rehearsing/re-reading - 0:20 minutes per page

Sub total: 2:30 (2.5) minutes per page x 272 = 680 minutes (11.33 hours)

$25/h x 11.
Editing the audio files into an audiobook: 4 hours x $25/h = $100

TOTAL: $433.25
Thanks Ben! My friend is a ledge and if I could be guaranteed would listen to it I would happily pay. but there's a good chance he won't haha so as much I think he would benefit from it, I'm gonna pass on the $433.25 Thank you
How much would you say Ben? :)
Hello! I'd love to help out with this! I have a very endearing and flexible voice. I have also worked in similar role before on creative projects. How long is the book?

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By John Wooden?
Yep that's the one :)
Seems interesting, but it's a big Book. 272 pages into audio would take a long time! What were you thinking for a price?
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