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Line up for first iPad3 in Sydney

Posted by Tim F.
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I'm desperate to get the first iPad3 in Sydney. The task is to camp out the front of the Sydney Apple Store (George Street) from 9am Monday morning (12 March) until the iPad becomes available on Friday (16 March).

Oh by the way, you'll have to wear an Airtasker tee shirt which I'll supply before you start lining up.

The fee is just for waiting in line, I'll give you the cash to buy the iPad.

Make sure you check the weather and have camping gear and supplies to get you through the week :)
Due 4 years ago
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Additional Expenses: $700
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“OMG Stephen P is a legend! He did an awesome job to wait in front of the Sydney Apple Store for over 4 days and got me the new iPad I so desperately wanted - the first one outright in the world! Steve is a hardworking, well spoken and friendly Airtasker legend.”
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Sydney, NSW
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Steve P.
4 years ago
Exactly Will C. Getting paid to surf the net and read salmon rushdie aint too bad!
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Will C.
4 years ago
It was great meeting you yesterday Steve! :) Hahaha, you're actually a lot less shady than your airtasker picture gives away! ;) Good luck the rest of your wait! <24 hrs
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Teresa H.
4 years ago
Nice job Steve! It was nice to meet you on Tuesday night and it was an honour to deliver you dinner! I hope it all went down well =)
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Tim F. (Task Poster)
4 years ago
Steve P and Teresa H you are both Airtasker legends! Thanks for joining this wonderful community and being awesome :)
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Tim F. (Task Poster)
4 years ago
Stephen P - you're a winner!
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