Lift from Central to White Bay Cruise Terminal

Posted by Judy H.


Sydney NSW Australia

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Due date
Friday, 6th May 2016
I need a reliable person with a car to pickup myself and another person from Central and drop us off at White Bay Cruise Terminal in Rozelle. We will have a luggage bag each.

I need to be there by 2:30pm on Friday the 6th May so we will need to be picked up around 1:45-2pm. It is about a 20+ minute drive avoiding tolls.

A taxi or uber would cost around $22-25 anyways so this would suit someone already living around the city, knows their way around, can organise a pickup location and is free at that time/day. I've had bad experiences with taxis/uber as they always have trouble navigating or finding my location! I am heading straight there from work so I don't want to waste any time.

No offers were made on this task.
If you want a good experience, it's best you make it worth it for someone who is going to spend their time for you.

Airtasker fee is 15%,and Sydney slow traffic around that area sucks.

You're better off getting a cab or make it worth someone's time.
The best for u to catch taxi or uber no one do it for 15 $ it's not worth it
I always get off at townhall, and on townhall side grab a cab.
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