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Posted by Jennifer B.


St. Ives, New South Wales, Australia

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Monday, 1st Jan 2018
I need 5 window stickers installed on the outside of my boutique windows. 1 is [Content Moderated] are 610 x 460mm and 2 are 610mm x 910mm.
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Fully Allocated
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  • Job will require 2 people to get it done properly

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Hi Jennifer,
That won’t be an issue, they aren’t very big stickers. Are these stickers just words or are they full images?? I can put an offer in to you to install all of these stickers. Ps: are these 2 shops next to each other or close proximity?? And is it ground level or are these windows high??
Hey I so this for a living can you send me some photos and I can make you an offer
Hi, do you want photos of the shop windows or the stickers or both?
Photos of both the stickers and the windows thrill be installed to thanks
Hi Jennifer,
We can install these window decals for you. Some of the information in your description is missing but do you have a photo of the windows and are you after a full installation price as your price is per airtasker??
Hi Paul, I have 2 shops at the same location. One has a window sticker that is landscape, 910mm x 610mm, and another 2 stickers, one 610mm x 460 (landscape) and the other 610 x 910 (portrait). The other shop just has 2 stickers, one 610 x 460 (landscape) and the other 610 x 910 (portrait). The stickers are like contact with a 3M backing and the are opaque. For the fee I listed, I was hoping for someone to stick them on the windows - if that is what you mean by a full installation. I do have a plan. I will obviously be there to show you. Does that help? Jennifer
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