Install Portable Toilet

Posted by Dimitri K.


Sefton NSW 2162, Australia

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Friday, 19th Oct 2018
Portable Toilet requires installation and connection to sewerage. Toilet is brand new and attatched. Only thing required is piping and connection


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When would you like it done as I could do for as I connect sewer connect porta loos up all the time
Have you located any sewer pipes and how deep?

I can put in a offer subject to variation due do not know where current sewer is located.

Kind regards Connor
Sewer pipe is right where I zoomed in on pebbles. Want to put toilet against fence. Deep about 1.5m
So your saying the sewer pipes are 1.5m deep. If this he case I’ll put in a offer including a excavator. Is their room for my Excatvor
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