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Posted by Jess W.


Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Friday, 25th Aug 2017
Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I need help tomorrow installing our new car sound system.

Speakers need to be put into boxs (need drill).

Two boxes for 6.5' speakers are slightly too small in a couple spots so need to nned to be cut out a little

Head unit to be setup under factory radio.

Amps to be hooked up to battery.

Head unit harness wired in.

Wires will run loose inside car so that won't take long.

System to be tuned. Please need someone with knowledge of how to get a good sound out of the system.

I Can drive to you and you can do work at your place. Prefer with 30 mins off Rozelle.

Wanting to get down around 5-6. $50 per hour. I will help with what I can. I think can be done in an hour.


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You are looking at a minimum of 3 hours for the install alone. Depending how complex getting to the battery and cutting the speakers out proves.
Jess W.poster
It's really quite simple and I will help. Most complex part is getting the power out of the factory radio and getting the amps power leads through the fire wall. For someone who has experience this will be simple.

The boxes will be modified very easily with the right saw.
Like I said, that's a minimum of 3 hours work without running into problems. If it was my own car I'd probably spend most of the day doing it (and I have done before when that was my thing) There a few car audio places in town - they will tell you how long it will take, I suspect their labour will be around 100bucks per hour give or take 20.
Good luck with it.
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